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Call Of Duty: Warzone's Flying Car Problem Is Back In Latest Map

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Warzone recently, you might’ve seen flying objects in the sky that appear to be aircrafts like helicopters or planes. Well, you’re wrong. They’re actually regular old vehicles such as motorbikes and SUVs that cheaters have hacked to take to the skies…again....

Twitch Purged Over 15 Million Hate Raid Bots Last Year

A new open letter from Angela Hession, Twitch’s vice president of global trust and safety, details the company’s approach to making its streaming platform a more harmonious place, most notably the deletion of millions of bots in an attempt to stem the site’s hate raid epidemic.Read more

Disguised Toast Banned From Twitch For Watching Death Note Anime

On Monday, variety streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang was banned from Twitch for watching Death Note, a 2007 Shonen anime licensed by Viz Media. What many hoped was only a short ban, especially after Imane “Pokimane” Anys was suspended for just 48 hours for a similar act, might stretch to...

Top Twitch Streamer Amouranth Buys Inflatable Pool Company

Talk about literally owning your brand. Top Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, who made waves last year as a prominent figure during the streaming service’s “hot tub meta,” has recently purchased an inflatable pool company, she announced on Twitter today.Read more

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Starts Today, Here’s How To Watch

And just like that, somehow it’s been a whole year since the last Awesome Games Done Quick. The speedrunning event, back for its 13th year, starts today. After a terrible 2021, relax and enjoy some fun, impressive, and wild speedruns for the next week. It might just be the best way to kick...

New Minecraft Mod Turns The Game Into Doom (2016)

Doomed: Demons of the Nether is a new, free mod out today for Minecraft that turns the entire blocky survival game into a surprisingly accurate-looking recreation of the 2016 Doom reboot, complete with shotguns and even a BFG. Read more

In 2022, Justin Wong Gets To Relive Evo Moment 37

One of the most famous esports moments in history happened way back in 2004 at Evo. Two now legendary Street Fighter players, Justin Wong playing Chun-Li and Daigo Umehara as Ken, were duking it out. Just as it seemed Wong was going to take the round, Daigo, with one pixel of health, parried...

Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan Launches Gaming-Centric NFT Marketplace Fractal

The co-founder of Twitch, Justin Kan launched a gaming-centric non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called Fractal on December 30. Fractal’s focus is on NFTs with video game utility and the project launched an NFT collection called “Fractals,” a 100,000 unique snowflakes that...

Pokémon Twitch Streamer Stunned At Hitting Shiny Monster Jackpot

It’s incredibly rare to encounter a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It’s even rarer to encounter two in a row in the same battle. Several thousand times rarer, in fact. But that’s exactly what happened to one Twitch streamer when he was least expecting it.Read more

Twitch Co-Founder Gets Discord Hacked, $150,000 Stolen From Users In NFT Scam

Justin Kan, a co-founder of Twitch and the dude Justin.TV was named for, last week decided to launch a site called Fractal, which would be a ‘marketplace’ where in-game items could be bought and sold as NFTs. Later, in Fractal’s Discord server, a link appeared advertising a drop of 3333 NFTs....

Twitch Streamer Drops Bars, Kicks Ass In Destiny 2

It takes a tremendous amount of multitasking skills to stream video games while staying engaged with viewers, but this Twitch streamer is so smooth with it, he can freestyle rap while playing Destiny 2. Read more

2021 Was Both A Great And Terrible Year For GTA Fans

Rockstar’s super popular Grand Theft Auto franchise is in a weird place in 2021. It’s a game series that remains huge, despite going years without a big, new release. Its online iteration is more popular than ever, yet if you look around Reddit and Twitter you’d assume it has no fans.Read more

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