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How I Added Scroll Snapping To My Twitter Timeline

CSS Scroll Snap allows websites to snap the web page or any other scroll container to a specific scroll position when the user performs a scrolling operation. This feature has been supported in all modern browsers for over two years, … How I Added Scroll Snapping To My Twitter Timeline...

Blizzard Asks Overwatch Players If They'd Pay $45 For A Skin

Those dastardly loot boxes containing randomized goodies might be a thing of the past come Overwatch 2’s launch later this year, but a recent survey suggests the hero shooter’s monetization may become more aggressive elsewhere.Read more

Have You Seen This Dog? Call Of Duty Pup Is ‘Plagiarized,’ Artist Claims

If you’ve been following along with Call Of Duty lately, you’re no stranger to seeing skins that remind of something you’ve seen before, be it John McClain from Die Hard or Ghostface from Scream. A recent, very adorable, very fluffy skin, however, is looking all too familiar to one artist,...

Kojima Productions Threatens Legal Action Over 'Assassin' Photo

Last week a racist joke originating from a shitty corner of the internet got quickly out of hand, and before long French politicians and Greek news channels—among others—were erroneously reporting that an old photograph of legendary game designer Hideo Kojima was actually a photo of Tetsuya...

Twitter Says It Won't Let Elon Musk Go as 'Dogecoin CEO' Terminates Deal

A major legal battle, involving the crypto community's preferred social media platform Twitter, and Dogecoin (DOGE) advocate, Tesla's Elon Musk, is in the works. After the serial entrepreneur said he's terminating his agreement to buy Twitter in a USD 44bn deal, the company vowed to fight...

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