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Satoru Iwata Seemed Like A Truly Good Dude

Former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made a huge impact on gaming. The exec had the rare combination of technical knowledge and business savvy. He also seemed like a really good dude. Read more

Oops, Activision Forgot About The Streisand Effect

I can’t fully express how little I care about Call of Duty: Warzone or any leaks thereof. What I do love, however, is giant gaming conglomerates making fools of themselves, and Activision Blizzard really stepped in it this morning when it used draconian copyright law to try to cover up a trivial...

Oh Yeah? Well EA Is Making Its Own Damn Golf Game Again

Two weeks ago 2K announced it signed Tiger Woods, the long-time face of EA’s defunct PGA Tour series, to an exclusive long-term contract for its PGA Tour 2K series. Now EA announces it’s bringing back EA Sports PGA Tour for its first new installment since 2015. We got us a good old-fashioned video...

Final Fantasy XI Reboot Cancelled After Six Years Of Nothingness

You will probably not remember this, but back in 2015, Nexon and Square Enix announced a mobile version of Final Fantasy XI that was due for release in 2016. It did not come out in 2016, or 2017, or 2018, or 2019, or 2020, and now will never be coming out, since it’s finally been put out of...

Square Enix's Project Athia Is Now Called Forspoken, Coming In 2022

As part of today’s Square Enix showcase, the publisher showed another snippet of its “narrative-driven adventure set in a beautiful yet cruel world,” Project Athia. Only it’s not called Project Athia anymore. Now it’s, uh, Forspoken, a name that, if nothing else, was not previously spoken for.Read...

Activision Blizzard CEO To Get Even Bigger Bonuses While Others Get Laid Off

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick routinely gets millions in stock bonuses every year based on how the company is doing. Now he’s set to get even more, for a total payout of nearly $200 million according to CtW Investment Group, a union pension fund advocacy organization. And it’s all thanks...

EA Investigating Claims An Employee Has Been Selling Rare Items

EA makes most of its FIFA money from the game’s Ultimate Team mode, where fans spend real money in attempts to unlock elite players. Today, it’s being alleged that these lucrative items are being sold privately to users by employees within EA Sports.Read more

Epic Games Buys Fall Guys Studio

Epic Games has bought Mediatonic, maker of last year’s hit battle royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the company announced today.Read more

Another arcade is closing in Tokyo.

Another arcade is closing in Tokyo. Taito Station Shinjuku West Exit, which opened in 2018, will shutter on March 21. With fewer customers and tourists banned, arcades are hurting. Read more

A Princess Charm Game Would Be Great, Thanks

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Mario Kart Live developer Velan Studios revealed its next game, Knockout City. But all I really care about is the spunky (and wholly unrelated) little princess that was used to market it.Read more

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