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PS2 Game Boxes Almost Looked A Lot Cooler

PS2 game boxes were entirely unremarkable, because they looked like every other plastic case available at the time, from Xbox games to DVDs. But an earlier design for them that Sony ended up ditching was a lot more interesting.Read more

If You Have Xbox Games With Gold, Try Darksiders III In August

Another month, another batch of Games With Gold. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership, or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Without further ado, August 2021’s Games With Gold are:Read more

You Don’t Need To Download All Of Microsoft Flight Sim On Xbox Series X/S

Nearly a year after its PC release, Microsoft Flight Simulator hits cruising altitude on Xbox Series X/S today, where it’s also available via Game Pass. It’s a staggeringly large game, clocking in at nearly 100GB—and that’s not counting any of the optional “world updates,” which can cause its file...

GameCube Emulator Now Has A Built-In Game Boy Advance

One of the best, but sadly least-used features of the Nintendo GameCube was its ability to talk to a Game Boy Advance. A few games used it, some exclusively, but now a lot more people can hopefully enjoy the idea with the release of a new version of popular GameCube emulator Dolphin.Read more

The Best Switch Carrying Cases

Even if you primarily use your Nintendo Switch as a living room console, situated in its dock and hooked up to your TV, you’ll probably want to take it on the go from time to time. That’s...kind of the portable’s whole deal. Even figures released by Nintendo show that roughly 80 percent of Switch...

You Can Get Vintage Game Magazines Delivered To Your Doorstep

Bright, colorful, choked with ads, and filled with articles dated before they even left the publisher’s warehouse, retro video game magazines are delightful little static moments in video game history preserved on paper. The Video Game History Foundation’s vintage magazine subscription service...

Early NEO: The World Ends With You Players Locked Out Of Game

Over the weekend, NEO: The World Ends With You fans discovered that Square Enix was accidentally leaking the game early to people who pre-ordered it on Switch. Now, with a week still to go before its official release, access to the upcoming action RPG has been rescinded.Read more

Early Wiimote Designs Uncovered In Leaked Nintendo Emails

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about the so-called “Gigaleak,” a treasure trove of internal Nintendo data that proliferated online in 2020, but that changed today with the release of a new batch of leaked files. Anyone interested in Nintendo Wii Remote prototypes?Read more

Infamous 'Lost' Nintendo Mean Girls Game Now Fully Revealed

In the late 2000s, 505 Games and Crush Digital Media planned to release a Nintendo DS game based on Mean Girls, the coming-of-age comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. However, there’s no proof that the game ever came out, leaving many expert DS observers to regard the game as “lost...

A Bunch Of Great Indie Games Are Coming To Game Pass

Pour one out for my backlog and maybe yours, too. Arguably too many promising indie games are coming to Xbox Game Pass. Also, Microsoft Flight Sim will finally lift off on console, at least for those with next-gen Xboxes. Here’s everything coming to Game Pass over the next few weeks.Read more

How To Buy A PS5 Or Xbox Series X/S

Trying to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 or one of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles—the Xbox Series X and the smaller, less-powerful Xbox Series S—remains a fool’s errand. Stock sells out as soon as it becomes available. When it pops up from unofficial retailers, it does so with a staggering...

The Best Nintendo Switch Memory Cards

Nintendo Switch storage always has been and always will be a joke. Before Nintendo’s hybrid console released in early 2017, the then-unreleased Dragon Quest Heroes was revealed to be bigger than the available 32GB internal storage capacity. The Switch Lite, released two years later, didn’t improve...

Nintendo Says Switch OLED Profit Story Is 'Incorrect'

Last week, a pair of analysts cired in a report from Bloomberg claimed that Nintendo’s new OLED model of the Switch contained “upgrades [that] are estimated to cost around $10 more per unit”, despite the console costing $50 more at the register than its predecessor. Today, Nintendo took the unusual...

Incredibly Rare Nintendo Card Reportedly Returns From Dead, Up For Sale

All the way back at E3 2002, Nintendo was promoting its new e-Reader platform by handing out prize cards on the showroom floor. The winning cards were all presumed to have been either lost or destroyed, but one has just (reportedly) emerged from the void and is up for sale on eBay.Read more

PS4 "Crypto" Warehouse Was Actually Farming FIFA Crap

While initial reports last week indicated that an enormous warehouse discovered in Ukraine packed full of PS4 consoles was being used to mine crypto, a little further investigation has found that the machines were probably being used to farm FIFA Ultimate Team cards.Read more

The Week In Games: Witcher On Your Phone

A new Witcher game comes out this week. Calm down, calm down, it’s that game that looks a lot like Pokemon GO and is coming out only on phones. (The headline should have tipped you off already.) Read more

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