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Genshin Impact, Six Months Later

Genshin Impact was a landmark game for 2020, and for global awareness of Chinese-developed video games. Its impressive graphics, compelling fantasy world, and charming characters impressed and attracted millions of players.Read more

Genshin Impact Made Over $1 Billion In Just Six Months

You folks hear of this game Genshin Impact? Pretty big deal. So big that it’s raked in over $1 billion (that’s three commas, people) in mobile revenue since it launched nearly six months ago on September 28.Read more

There’s A New Type Of Fall Guys Jerk

I would like to offer a sincere apology to my Fall Guys squad. I fell into the slime. I thought we were out. So I quit. I didn’t realize how much that screwed you (fall) guys! It won’t happen again, I promise.Read more

Genshin Impact Won't Let Me Spend Money Anymore, And I'm Finally Free

I have a complicated relationship with Genshin Impact. I adore its vast, lovingly handcrafted world and charming characters. I hate how its intertwining systems whisper to me in a million different voices: “Spend money.” But there’s no denying that the system works; to date, I’ve probably spent...

What’s New In Fall Guys Season Four Today

Fall Guys neon-soaked season four is officially out today. The update introduces a number of changes to the platformer royale, including seven new levels:Read more

Fall Guys Season 4 Kicks Off March 22

Not even time can erode the irrepressible cheer of face-planting beans. The futuristic fourth season of Fall Guys kicks off on March 22, developer Mediatonic announced today.Read more

Genshin Impact KFC Crossover Events In China Shut Down Over Covid-19 Concerns

A weekend crossover event between the wildly popular Genshin Impact and Kentucky Fried Chicken had to be shut down at Shanghai and Hangzhou locations after apparently violating China’s ongoing covid-19 prevention measures, the fast food chain announced on Chinese social media site Weibo today.Read...

Fall Guys’ Season Four Is A Reminder Of How Damn Long We’ve Been Doing This

Today, Mediatonic showed off one of the levels for Fall Guys’ upcoming fourth season. The new stage, “Skyline Stumble,” looks quite fun with its gravity-based hijinks and bean-sized pinball bumpers—but it instilled in me an invasive, immovable thought: Man, we’ve really been doing this for a while...

Mario Is Making Animal Crossing Weird For Me

Before Animal Crossing: New Horizons added Mario items on March 1, my island was a pleasant place that was not being stalked by a dead-eyed plumber cosplayer with an axe.Read more

Epic Games Buys Fall Guys Studio

Epic Games has bought Mediatonic, maker of last year’s hit battle royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the company announced today.Read more

Report: E3 2021 Being Planned As An All-Digital Event

Last year the Entertainment Software Association cancelled E3, the biggest trade show in gaming, due to covid-19 concerns. According to pitch documents obtained by Video Games Chronicle, this year’s E3 might be as a strictly online affair, with three-days of streaming content running from June...

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