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Behold, My New Favorite Crusader Kings Bug

Crusader Kings II is a game with a long and proud tradition of “bugs that should be hung in the Louvre”, but I think this new one I’ve learned about today is my favourite.Read more

What Deathloop Does Differently From Dishonored and Prey

Blackreef is a city built for violence. Every citizen is armed, and every law is overturned. It is a 24 hour party, and sometimes partying involves shooting your friend in the head...I guess. I’ve never been a real party girl.Read more

Even Beefy Rigs Aren't Saving Deathloop From PC Issues

Deathloop is, by all accounts, a damn good game. That said, its reception on Steam is sitting shakily in “Mixed” territory due to the various performance-related issues currently plaguing PC players.Read more

Splitgate’s Getting Bigger And Better, Thanks To A Cool $100M

Developer 1047 Games has raised $100 million from a bunch of venture capital investors, the studio announced via press release today. The eye-popping fundraising haul will allow the outfit to remain independent and beef up work on its enormously popular free-to-play arena shooter, Splitgate.Read...

Five Things To Know About God Of War Ragnarok

Like an ancient Norse myth that sat dormant for years before seeping into the zeitgeist, God of War Ragnarok is coming. First teased last year, the much-anticipated sequel to 2018’s God of War finally popped up last week as the splashy capstone of a PlayStation showcase.Read more

Thirty-Six Years Ago Super Mario Bros. Went On Sale In Japan

On September 13, 1985 in Japan, Nintendo released one of its most iconic games ever, Super Mario Bros. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, it was a smash at home and became the Nintendo Entertainment System’s killer app a year later. The world was never the same. As Famitsu points...

Sony Seems Ready To Start Leaving The PS4 Behind

Despite radio silence regarding a full-length Astro’s Playroom, Sony’s fall showcase was nothing if not a success. But between the splashy trailers and genuinely surprising announcements, one thing was clear: Sony seems poised to leave PlayStation 4 owners behind.Read more

FYI: Tales Of Arise’s Costume DLC Adds Hidden Skills

A Tales game isn’t a Tales game if it doesn’t have a comically ridiculous wardrobe. In that regard, Tales of Arise, the latest entry in Bandai Namco’s long-running series of JRPGs, does not disappoint. (See: screenshot above, screenshots below.) But heed this warning: Downloading the game’s...

Sony Finally Shows New God Of War In Action, Stars Older Atreus

After spending most of the past two years shrouded in mystery, the upcoming sequel to 2018’s God of War finally made an appearance at today’s PlayStation Showcase. This is our first look at the game, as a previous teaser trailer with no actual footage was all we had to go on. And—surprise! As fans...

This Thrilling New PS5 Action Game Is A Whole Vibe

Today during the Sony PlayStation Showcase Project EVE was announced developed by Shift Up Corporation. It’s a character action game set in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring nasty creatures and sick combat movies. Read more

Despite Hype, Former Skyrim Mod The Forgotten City Is Kind Of A Mess

There is a special joy to a B game. B games are weird and messy and overly ambitious. Their reach exceeds their grasp, and I mean that as a positive trait. They are the games which stick with you in half-remembered fragments, or inexplicably vivid portraits. The Forgotten City is nothing if not a...

God of War Dev Who Helped Design Iconic Axe Passes

With its thick, meaty impact and the satisfying smack of it returning after being thrown, the Leviathan Axe from 2018’s God of War is one of the most memorable weapons in all of gaming. This week, members of Sony’s Santa Monico Studio and gamers everywhere mourn the passing of George Mawle,...

Maybe Don’t Challenge Justin Wong To A $10,000 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Match

Talented Marvel vs. Capcom 2 player Butra “Roundhouse” Soinak recently challenged fighting game legend Justin Wong to a $10,000 money match. And while it may have been Labor Day in the United States, it didn’t take much work from Wong to quickly close out the set and walk away with thousands...

Zangief Is Now 65 Years Old

You, me, everyone, we’re all getting older by the day. And so are the cast of Street Fighter II, who we’d like to imagine are still battling away in their early 90s prime, but who are in reality old enough now to be most people’s grandparents.Read more

343 Is Changing Halo Infinite's Motion Tracker To Be More Like The Old Games

On Friday, 343 Industries released a lengthy post summarizing many of the changes, fixes, and improvements made to Halo Infinite after receiving tons of feedback from its technical preview in August. One of the biggest changes is that the motion tracker is being tweaked and will operate more like...

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