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Despite Backlash, Diablo Immortal Is Making A Million Dollars A Day

In its first month of release Blizzard’s controversial new mobile game, Diablo Immortal, has racked up nearly $50 million in reported revenue across 10 million downloads. Even as debates and criticism swirled around the free-to-play RPG, data shows that the game has made at least $1 million a...

A Tiny Glimpse Of Hope For PS3 Emulation On PS5

A new job ad, reported by PlayStation Lifestyle after being spotted on ResetEra, strongly suggests that Sony might be trying to hire an engineer to get its PS3 emulation sorted. There’s also rumor of getting old PS3 peripherals working on the new machine. Which would all be such a relief.Read more

KOTOR 2 Is Officially Fixed For Real Now, Kinda Sorta

Yesterday, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords announced that it’s finally fixed a game-breaking bug that had previously rendered the game impossible to finish. Read more

Fire Emblem Heroes Becomes Nintendo’s First Billion-Dollar Mobile Game

I’ll admit that, until yesterday, I had no idea Fire Emblem Heroes was still active and updated. But a lot of people are still playing the game and apparently spending money on it, too. New data shows that Fire Emblem Heroes has just reached $1 billion in revenue, becoming the first Nintendo mobile...

Tributes Pour In For Beloved Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade

Technoblade (or Techno for short), a popular Minecraft YouTuber and internet personality with over 11 million followers on the video-creating platform, passed away on June 30 after losing his battle against cancer. He was just 23 years old.Read more

Someone Reportedly Bought Up $40k Of Stock To Ask Nintendo About F-Zero

Many Nintendo fans desperately want a new entry in the popular sci-fi racing series, F-Zero. However, only one diehard fan was reportedly dedicated enough to spend over 5 million yen (roughly $40,000 US) on Nintendo stock, giving him a chance to ask the Japanese publisher about F-Zero and...

Modder Sorta Gets Half-Life 2 Running On Switch (It's Actually Portal)

So, Portal: The Companion Collection, a bundle of Valve’s 3D puzzle-platformers Portal and Portal 2, just dropped on the Nintendo Switch. But not long after its surprise release during this week’s Direct Mini Partner Showcase, a modder named OatmealDome has already figured out a way to get...

Fantasy Battle Royale Spellbreak Shutting Down, Studio Absorbed By Blizzard

Spellbreak, the magic-based battle royale, is spellbroken, shutting down early next year, developer Proletariat announced in a blog post. Also, the whole studio is getting absorbed by Blizzard, the result of a recent acquisition intended to beef up development on World of Warcraft.Read more

Portal: The Companion Collection Out On Switch Today

Just when you thought you were finally safe from that guy making “the cake is a lie” jokes (before misquoting some Monty Python), Valve has surprise-launched the Switch port of both Portal and Portal 2 today. Announced during the very Mini Nintendo Direct, the 2007 smash hit puzzle game should...

Wuxia Martial Arts Game Looks Slick As Hell

Today, a Chinese AAA studio announced that it would be adapting a famous wuxia novel series into a martial arts game. The demo trailer showed off stylish combat that heavily incorporates exaggerated aerial movements, which are a common hallmark of wuxia cinema but which I’ve rarely seen...

Hideo Kojima Killed A Project Because It Was Too Much Like The Boys

Today in Mad-Libs: That Sounds Too Good To Be True Edition, legendary game designer Hideo Kojima was reportedly working on a project that pitted a team of detectives against superpowered humans. That game is now dead, according to Kojima, because it bore too much similarity to The Boys, Amazon’s...

5 Very Queer Games On Steam To Close Out Your Pride Month

Pride month has a political history—it originated from the the pivotal 1969 Stonewall riots, and queer people, especially those of color, fight daily for safety and equality. But June is a time for pure revelry too, something that includes video games. Read more

Pokémon GO Seems Set On Ruining Every Improvement From The Pandemic

Of all the many excellent changes Niantic made to Pokémon GO in the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic, remote raiding seemed to be the one that was most likely to survive long-term. So of course, every new move the developer makes seems to be threatening its future.Read more

Goodbye Zachtronics, Developers Of Very Cool Video Games

On July 5, Zachtronics will be releasing Last Call BBS, a collection of stylish little puzzle games wrapped up in a retro PC gaming vibe. After 11 years in business (and even longer outside of commercial releases), a time which has seen the studio develop a cult following almost unrivalled in indie...

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