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Death's Door Opens On PlayStation And Switch Next Month

Announced today via Sony’s State of PlayStation event and on Twitter via Devolver Digital, Acid Nerve’s acclaimed dungeon crawler Death’s Door makes the jump from PC and Xbox to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on November 23. Read more

Darkest Dungeon II Tries Something New, And It Mostly Works

Darkest Dungeon II is nothing if not evocative—a positive quirk it shares with the first game. When my party reaches the Mountain at its heart, they are brought low. This place has haunted their dreams for weeks—a different configuration for each of them.Read more

Former World of Warcraft Devs Start Studio Where Only Female Staffer Is A Dog

Ex-Blizzard developers who started Notorious Studios seem to have exactly zero women on their development team. The staff page shows nine developers and two advisors, all of which are men, and one canine “Chief Morale Officer” named Ellie. Which means that the studio has more dogs than women....

Nintendo Switch Datamine Hints At Smash Bros. And Other N64 Games Coming

The Switch Online Expansion Pack arrived earlier this week, bringing nine N64 games to Nintendo’s portable console. That’s...not a lot, and people have been eager to know what other classics will be headed to the subscription-based library. Recently datamined files offer a few hints.Read more

Blizzard Cancels Online BlizzCon 2022

It’s been a rocky couple of years for Blizzard’s annual fan celebration, with the 2020 and 2021 shows canceled due to the ongoing covid-19 epidemic. Now, as fallout continues from the California lawsuit over the studio’s culture of abuse, discrimination, and harassment toward women, Blizzard...

GTA III Made Just Vibing In Its World Incredible

God, the feeling of playing Grand Theft Auto III upon release. Were you there for it? Do you remember it? You could actually sense, in the moment, that you were experiencing a cultural shift, a game that was going to change things forever. But why? How? What defines the influence and impact of...

The Week In Games: Groot And His Pals Are Ready To Save The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is out later this week on all major platforms. I’m excited to play it if only because the soundtrack seems great and I’m in the mood for a nice, single-player-only sci-fi action game. (A reminder that the Switch edition of the game is actually a streaming, Stadia-like...

Final Fantasy XIV Has Many Mounts, But Only One Sneezes

The hype for Endwalker’s impending launch recently pushed me back into the arms of Final Fantasy XIV. Instead of doing the smart thing and working my way through the massively multiplayer role-playing game’s litany of main story quests so I’d be caught up in time for the expansion’s November...

Here's What Will Improve After Battlefield 2042's Chaotic, Buggy Beta

The open beta for Battlefield 2042 was chaotic, buggy, and pretty limited given the scope of the latest game in the long-running shooter series. For developer DICE the beta was one more thing: a learning experience. In an article posted yesterday Battlefield 2042 devs introduce five new specialists...

Epic Games Faces Backlash After Ending Popular Time-Off Policy

Epic Games, creator of the massively popular and lucrative battle royale Fortnite, decided to end a popular policy of allowing staff every other Friday off earlier this week. According to a new report by Bloomberg, which a source corroborated for Kotaku, the move angered staff who were caught...

Ubisoft Brings Back Might and Magic Game They Shut Down In July

In June, Ubisoft took down some DRM servers that accidentally broke Might & Magic X - Legacy, to the point where the game had to be removed from shopfronts. A few months later, and probably after some folks had long assumed the game was simply dead, it’s back.Read more

Stardew Valley Dev Returns With A Cozy RPG About Haunted Chocolate

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, the developer behind the popular farming simulator RPG Stardew Valley, has announced his next game. It’s called ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier, and though it looks like his previous hit, this action RPG is more concerned with confections than the garden.Read more

Please Don’t Ever Change This Nightmare-Inducing Switch Icon

Switch owners like their game icons a certain way. They want bright colors and sharp-looking art. They’d also prefer the game’s logo be present in some way, shape, or form. What many of them don’t seem to like is slightly blurry, eyeless terror rabbits. I can’t see the problem. Neither can...

Posing In Apex Legends Is Crashing The Game

Have you ever flexed so hard in a game you made it crash? That’s apparently a dream coming true for Apex Legends players, where performing Epic animated poses is breaking the game. Respawn is asking players of the battle royale shooter to stop using them.Read more

I’m Gonna Play The Heck Out Of This Lo-Fi Spin On Pokémon

The elevator pitch for Cassette Beasts, a forthcoming indie game, can’t fit on a single line. A lo-fi monster-hunting game clearly inspired by Pokémon? Or, oh, oh, how about a top-down role-playing game with gorgeous pixel art and killer music? Surely it’s something distinguished by being awash...

PS5 Accessory Makers Just Won't Stop Taunting Sony's Lawyers

Dbrand, a tech accessories brand that my roommate described to me as “being for dudes who like new iPhones,” has decided to wage a very loud legal war with Sony Entertainment regarding their totally fine PS5 plates and cases.Read more

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