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Mass Effect DLC Missing From Remaster Due To Corrupted Source Code

On May 14, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will bring 4K versions of the original Mass Effect trilogy plus most of its downloadable content to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, one single-player expansion is notably absent: the first game’s Pinnacle Station. According to an interview with Game...

A ‘Cum Dungeon’ Offers The Fastest XP Farming In Bloodborne

Like most Souls games, Bloodborne can be pretty challenging. But hardcore players know there’s one place anyone can go to quickly gather the resources necessary for power-leveling, a magical playground simply known as the “Cum Dungeon.”Read more

Mass Effect 2 Almost Had Another Gay Romance, With Jacob

Turns out Jack’s pansexuality wasn’t the only instance of BioWare scrubbing same-sex romance from Mass Effect 2 before it shipped. Jonathan Cooper, a former BioWare cinematic animator, revealed on Twitter this morning that his team also worked on a similar scene involving party member Jacob...

Chess Looks Wild In 2021

This week we figure out how tall the very big lady from Resident Evil Village is, flip out a Bernie chair, learn what games will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers this month, buy 900lbs of PlayStation consoles and check in on chess YouTube in 2021. Read more

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