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Halo Infinite Finally Gets Co-Op Next Month, But As A Beta

Halo Infinite will finally get some form of co-op for its campaign, 343 Industries announced today. It’ll be playable as one of those basically-just-a-beta “technical flights,” the same method the studio used last summer to get players into the first-person shooter’s initial multiplayer...

Real-Life Spy Agencies Troll Each Other Over Wordle

Wordle continues its gentle taking over of the world. In the days following the surprise announcement that the New York Times is buying the game for at least a million bucks, the head of the UK secret intelligence service, MI6, tweeted complaining about people’s results from the word game appearing...

Wendy’s Roasts Xbox Over Lack Of Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op

In case you forgot, 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite doesn’t have co-op play in its campaign mode. Well, the fast-food burger company Wendy’s hasn’t forgotten, and decided to hit Twitter to roast the official Xbox account over the lack of inclusion of the mode at launch.Read more

Streamers React To Leaked Twitch Income Rankings With Jokes, Criticism

An anonymous hacker leaked payroll information for every streamer on Twitch yesterday, and predictably, the revealed incomes have become an inescapable topic of conversation for streamers in their Twitch chats and on social media. The range of reactions to the leak has been vast, with some...

Tales Of Arise: The Kotaku Review

Dozens of hours into Tales of Arise, a new role-playing game from Bandai Namco, one of your party members asks, “Is it over?”Read more

Seven Years With Destiny

It’s 3 a.m., and I’m searching for a gun. Not just any gun but a primary sidearm that shoots rounds vibrating with a dark crystal energy that only drops from Destiny 2’s seasonal competitive slog known as Iron Banner. The gun is called Peacebond, an early contender for best new sidearm in the game...

Presenting The Takeout’s official Fast Food Fish Sandwich Power Ranking

The Lenten season requires you to suspend your disbelief. Not sure about a skinny 33-something dude turning down a loaf of bread after fasting in the wilderness for 40 days? It’s Lent, baby! Get over it! Planning to give up sugar for six weeks? Sure, okay—Lent! A little shaky on hand-washing...

Wendy McElroy: Crypto is Banking for Anarchists and Average People

“What I love about Bitcoin is that instead of some rich old guy on Wall Street, young poor people are the ones getting rich” —Eric Finman No Longer Is Economic Sovereignty Just for Politicians and Bankers “Cryptocurrency is for the rich”; this pernicious myth causes...

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