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Xbox Controllers Now Come In Tasty Limeade And Cherry Camo

Microsoft calls them Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo, but that’s not important. What is important is there are two new Xbox wireless controllers coming out next month, both sporting candy-colored analog sticks I want to chew right out of their housings. Read more

My New Xbox Elite Controller Has A Long Shortcoming

Having used an Elite controller on my PC almost every single day for years, it has finally started showing signs of serious wear and tear, so last week I went and got an Elite Series 2 controller. I am mostly happy with it, but there’s one bizarre shortcoming with its interchangeable sticks that...

Microsoft Announces The All-New Xbox Wireless Headset

Behold the new official Xbox Wireless Headset, a sleek and stylish-looking set of ear cups packed with fancy features like voice isolation and supporting spatial audio technology like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X. It’s even got auto-mute, which can be toggled on or off...

My Son Inadvertently Designed A Metroid Xbox Series X/S Controller

Overwhelmed by the options available at custom controller shop Mega Modz, I turned to nine-year-old Seamus Fahey for design advice. What at first seemed like a completely arbitrary selection of colors and buttons coalesced into this purple, green, red, and orange homage to Metroid, a series that...

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