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Your Summer 2022 Anime Guide

If you happen to be suffering from a general air of malaise following the spring time season and are looking to fill your summer with something fresh from the anime scene, well tough. Kidding! Summer is right around the corner and with it are a bunch of new anime to watch. Read more

Gran Turismo 7 Update Eases Up On The Grind After Fan Outrage

Last month Gran Turismo 7 director Kazunori Yamauchi apologised to fans angry at the state of the game’s microtransactions, announcing a credits handout and a promise to “dramatically change GT7’s car economy to help make amends” in the wake of some disastrous downtime. The first of those changes... Chosen as an Official FIFA World Cup Sponsor

On Tuesday, the international governing body of association football, FIFA, announced the exchange will be an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament. According to the announcement, the digital currency trading platform will “activate its official...

The 11 Best Manga Of 2021

This year didn’t only bless us with terrific anime, but also with wonderful manga. Thank goodness for that! Here is our list of the best manga of 2021.Read more

Report: EA In A Messy Fight Over FIFA License, Money

Last week EA hinted that it might be renaming its massively popular FIFA series. Now we know why. According to a new report by The New York Times, the International Federation of Association Football is asking the sports publishing giant to pay $1 billion for exclusive rights to the FIFA brand...

You Can Win $5,000 For Being Really Good At Microsoft Excel

Been practicing your Excel macros? What’s your APM in Microsoft Office? If you’re the best of the best, you might just have what it takes to dominate in the world of competitive financial modeling. In fact, another international exhibition match is about to start.Read more

Konami, Please, This Is Excruciating

Euro 2020, the planet’s biggest football tournament outside the World Cup itself, was supposed to take place last year. It was instead postponed to this Summer for obvious reasons, and to celebrate, Konami’s official PES version of the tournament will begin by featuring...woefully inaccurate and/or...

Win 2019 Rugby World Cup Tickets When You Play at

Are you a cryptocurrency user and rugby fan who’s always dreamed of going to the World Cup? Here’s your chance to win tickets to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, including flights and accommodation, in an exclusive competition at Also Read: Bitcoin Cash ETP Lists...

Brands In India Bet Big On Cricket World Cup Mania That Has Engulfed Nation

As everyone knows, the biggest televised sporting events in the world almost always draw millions of dollars in advertising money from the biggest brands, and in that regard, the Cricket World Cup that is going in England right now is no exception. However, England or any other participating nation...

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