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The Scuf Instinct Pro Feels Like An Official Xbox Controller

Since 2011, Scuf Gaming has made a name for itself by producing some of the highest quality third-party console controllers and owning a ridiculous number of controller patents. The Scuf Instinct and Instinct Pro are the company’s first stabs at creating an elite-level controller for the Xbox...

One Of The Wildest Console Hacks Ever

When Microsoft released the Xbox 360, it was designed to be unhackable. Security-wise, the machine was a step up from the original Xbox with custom hardware and encryption keys to keep hackers and modders at bay. Of course, they figured out an in, but what makes this exploit for the Xbox 360 Slim...

Netflix's Video Game Service Is Saying All The Right Things

As part of the company’s latest earnings report, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters jumped on an investor phone call to talk about loads of things related to the future of the company. While discussing one of those things, their impending detour into video games, things...

Report: Netflix Is Adding Games "In The Next Year"

This was hinted at back in May, but just became a bit more real, with Bloomberg reporting that Netflix is planning to add games to its subscription service sometime within the next year.Read more

Xbox Cloud Gaming Is The Future, But It’s Not There Yet

When talking about the future of gaming, it’s common to hear about “teraflops” and other technical lingo. Well, how’s this for the future? Now, you don’t even need an Xbox to play Xbox games, thanks to recently beefed-up capacity for Xbox Cloud Gaming.Read more

Here's Xbox Live Games With Gold For July

Another month, another batch of Games With Gold. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold. July’s Games With Gold are:Read more

The Xbox Design Lab Is Back, Letting You Make Tacky Next-Gen Controllers

The Xbox Design Lab website is back, letting users officially create their own custom controllers that are then built and shipped by Microsoft. The Lab was first launched in 2016, but shut down for a bit during the Xbox Series X/S launch. Now, it’s back and supports the new Xbox controller too....

Xbox One Will Soon Be Able To Stream Next-Gen Games

As we enter the sixth month of the great console shortage of 2021 and the infinity-th month of you not having $500 to just throw around, you might be starting to feel like you’ll never get your ticket to board the next-gen express. Well, take heart, because Microsoft is planning on making its slate...

Even With Anime, Netflix Subscriptions Lag Behind In Japan

Take a look at the top ten charts on Netflix Japan, and it’s filled with anime. The streaming service has gone out of its way to appeal to Japan, including producing Netflix exclusive Japanese dramas, but subscriptions are still lagging behind other regions.Read more

Xbox Games Are Getting New Box Art

Less than a year after launching the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft is changing the standard box art for the console’s games in an effort to make it easier for customers to be able to tell which Xbox console an Xbox game on the shelf is compatible with.Read more

Xbox Wants To Let You Play Games Without A Console

Xbox cloud gaming allows Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to stream popular Xbox games to their Android devices and internet browsers, but that’s only the beginning. In a pre-E3 post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft revealed plans to create TV apps and dedicated streaming devices to bring Xbox gaming to more...

Here's June 2021's Xbox Live Games With Gold

June’s Xbox Live Games with Gold aren’t too exciting, but hey, they’re games. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.Read more

Report: Netflix Looking To Hire Video Game Executive

Netflix, the streaming service responsible for episodic masterworks like Selling Sunset and Too Hot To Handle, is looking to hire veteran gaming industry execs, according to a new report in The Information.Read more

Blazing Strike Is A New, Old-School 2D Fighter

Because there’s no such thing as too many anime-inspired 2D fighting games, Aksys and RareBreed Makes Games just announced Blazing Strike, an homage to classic pixel-art fighters with modern game mechanics that’ll hopefully make it play as good as it looks.Read more

CS:GO Players Can Now Pay A Buck A Month To Access Better Statistics

Why use free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stat tracking websites like or Leetify when you can now pay a $.99 monthly subscription fee for Valve’s official and less comprehensive CS:GO 360 Stats service? Because they’re free and more comprehensive? Ah. Read more

Xbox Cloud Gaming For Windows 10 And iOS Launches Limited Beta Tomorrow

As promised back in December, a browser-based version of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service for Windows 10, iPhones, and iPads is kicking off tomorrow, with a limited number of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers invited to stream and play games directly through Edge, Google Chrome, or the Safari...

Xbox Cloud Gaming Adds A Bunch Of Older Xbox Games

Starting today, you’ll be able to play more than a dozen Xbox and Xbox 360 games via cloud streaming, Microsoft announced in a blog post. As with other game streaming, the perk is only available to members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.Read more

Here's April 2021's Xbox Live Games With Gold

Despite recent changes to Xbox Live (or at least its name), April’s Games with Gold are here (whew!). As ever, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.Read more

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