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Here's The E3 (And Not-E3) 2021 Press Conference Schedule So Far

Last year, amid a mismanaged pandemic and sweeping social distancing regulations, the Entertainment Software Association called off its annual E3 event. But the stretch between late May and early November was positively littered with digital showcases and press conference conferences. If...

Outriders Can’t Catch A Break

It’s been a long week-and-a-half for the loot-shooter Outriders, a game rocked by eleven days of missing functionality, server issues, and player uproar. The latest wave of problems started Friday afternoon when developer People Can Fly pushed out a patch for PC and PlayStation consoles, with...

Crysis Remastered Now Even More Remastered

Just when you thought classic shooter Crysis was as remastered as it was going to get, Crytek announces a new free update that fixes a whole slew of bugs while adding new graphics modes for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles. Who is ready for raytraced 1080p at 30 frames per second on...

Here's Everything Coming To And Leaving Game Pass Soon

Xbox Game Pass started April strong with the day-one launch of Outriders, but that’s not the only major addition to Microsoft’s games-on-demand service this month. Here’s everything coming to Xbox Game Pass in the next few weeks:Read more

While Xbox Game Pass Gets Better, PS Now Gets...Avengers

Outriders came out last week on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It also immediately came to Microsoft’s Game Pass, adding yet another big new game to the subscription service’s already-impressive library. Meanwhile, PS Now users can get excited to play last year’s mediocre Avengers...

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its Next-Gen Glow Up June 8

The Elder Scrolls Online is a good-looking game, but playing it on console locked at 30 frames per second hurts my heart. Healing is coming, however, with the June 8 release of The Elder Scrolls Online - Console Enhanced, an upgraded version for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 that includes...

RIP, Xbox Live (2002-2021)

The name “Xbox Live” is dead. You’ll still be able to play Xbox games online, but the suite of Xbox’s online services will now be known as Xbox Network, Microsoft confirmed today to The Verge.Read more

Xbox Smart Delivery Turned Out To Be A Pretty Big Deal

When Microsoft started slipping the made-up phrase “Smart Delivery” into all of its Xbox Series X/S marketing last year, it seemed like just another pair of empty buzzwords. Surely all games would just simply work after you installed them on your expensive new hardware, whether they supported...

Xbox Gets New Suspend Feature To Help With Slow Download Speeds

Download speeds on consoles are notoriously bad, especially if your internet isn’t lightning fast to begin with. A new feature rolling out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S for Xbox Insiders is aimed at improving them by making it easier to suspend existing games while downloading new ones.Read...

Overwatch Casually Rolls Out Xbox Series X/S Enhancements

Yesterday’s Overwatch update was all about the PachiMarchi Challenge and that hideous and/or awesome new Roadhog skin, but next-gen Xbox owners got a little something extra with the update: new graphics options for Series X/S consoles, from 4K60 to blazing-fast 120Hz. Read more

Sorry PS5, Xbox Series X Has Unexpectedly Become My Preferred Console

I started this new generation of game consoles with the expectation that I would be playing most games on the PS5, like how I played most stuff on PS4 last gen. But nearly five months later, I’m spending most of my time on the Xbox Series X and now I feel bad, like I’m ignoring my PS5.Read more

Xbox’s New ‘FPS Boost’ Feature Is The Real Deal

Yesterday Microsoft released FPS Boost, a new backward-compatibility feature for the Xbox Series X and S. FPS Boost will…well boost the framerate dramatically in specific, older games when you play them on a next-gen Xbox. After playing around with FPS Boost a bit I’m excited and impressed. This...

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