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YouTube Might Be Getting Rid Of The Dislike Count

YouTube just announced that, “in response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns”, the site is testing some new designs that “don’t show the public dislike count”.Read more

This Might Be the Only YouTube Browser Extension You'll Ever Need

YouTube is a real mixed bag. It’s home to so much of our favorite stuff on the internet, but the experience of using website itself isn’t great—filled with distracting recommendations, poor personalization, and ads, ads, ads—unless you take advantage of desktop browser extensions that can make...

Youtuber Builds a Bitcoin Miner Out of a 31-year old Nintendo Game Boy

On Saturday, a popular Youtuber named Stacksmashing published a video that shows him hacking a 1989 Nintendo Game Boy in order to mine bitcoin. Despite the creativity and the fact that the miner only leverages four double-A batteries, Stacksmashing noted that the 8-bit handheld game console was...

The cometh: The rise and fall of the Game Boy’s weirdest rivals

There was a time—from roughly April of 1989 until the mobile revolution of the last 10 years—when “mobile gaming” meant something very different to the vast majority of people. Specifically, it meant Nintendo. Even as the Console Wars raged at home, the Japanese giant’s iron-fingered...

Ripple Settles Legal Dispute With Youtube Over XRP Giveaway Scams

Ripple and Youtube had ended a legal battle initiated in April last year amid allegations related to crypto-related scams. The U.S. blockchain company sued the video platform for negligence in acting against crypto scams that impersonated Ripple. Terms of the Resolution Are Confidential During...

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