How @supports Works

CSS has a neat feature that allows us to test if the browser supports a particular property or property:value combination before applying a block of styles — like how a @media query matches when, say, the width of the browser window is narrower than some specified size and then the CSS within... is a pretty cool project from Alexandre Dieulot. Alexandre has been at this idea for half a decade now, as InstantClick is his and is essentially the same exact idea. The idea is that there is a significant delay between hovering over a link and clicking that link. Say it takes...

IE10-Compatible Grid Auto-Placement with Flexbox

If you work on web applications that support older browsers, and have lusted after CSS Grid from the sidelines like I have, I have some good news: I've discovered a clever CSS-only way to use grid auto-placement in IE10+! Now, it's not actually CSS Grid, but without looking at the code itself,...

Collective #493

ES5 to ESNext * Don't Get Clever with Login Forms * Meteorite * Awesome Design Tools * Leon Collective #493 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops

Using Slack Slash Commands to Send Data from Slack into Google Sheets

Since I work from home, most of my daily work interactions happen through Slack. It’s my equivalent to the water cooler. A place to hang out and discuss ideas with friends. I’m part of a book recommendations channel. People share books all the time, but they disappear quickly, lost in a sea...

7 JavaScript Playgrounds to Use in 2019

The importance of online code editing platforms cannot be overemphasized. As much as we love our local IDE's, one too many times we find ourselves needing to quickly share and or collaborate with

JavaScript Glossary: String concat()

Basics This method is used to join the calling string and the provided string arguments. It returns a new String object containing the calling string and the provided arguments . If no arg

JavaScript Glossary: Array unshift() Method

Basics The unshift array method appends a number of values to the start of a given array. It then returns the new length of the array. This method can take a number of argumen

The Cloud is Just Someone Else's Computer

When we started Discourse in 2013, our server requirements were high: 1GB RAM modern, fast dual core CPU speedy solid state drive I'm not talking about a cheapo shared cpanel server, either, I mean a dedicated virtual private server with those specifications. We were OK with that, because we were

The Magic of React-Based Multi-Step Forms

One way to deal with long, complex forms is to break them up into multiple steps. You know, answer one set of questions, move on to another, then maybe another, and so on and so forth. We often refer to these as multi-step forms (for obvious reasons), but others also take to calling it a “wizard”...

The #StateOfCSS 2019 Survey

You know about the State of JavaScript survey, where thousands upon thousands of developers were surveyed about all-things-JS, from frameworks to testing and many other things in between? Well, Sacha Greif has launched one focused entirely on CSS. This is super timely given a lot of the content...

Awesome Demos Roundup #1

The first roundup in a series that gathers cutting-edge demos and experiments from around the web. Awesome Demos Roundup #1 was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops

Getting to Grips with the Airtable API

The Airtable web app is pretty neat. You can use it like a spreadsheet but it’s useful for all sorts of other things too. The neatest thing about it for me is that it has an API so that you can treat it like a database. I’ve been thinking about making weekly notes for the different teams I work...

Use to manage and share projects all in one place

(This is a sponsored post.) We've talked quite a bit about project management and workflows around here at CSS-Tricks, not because it's the core of what we do as designers and developers, but because we all play a role in it as part of a team and because it impacts the quality of our work at...

Collective #492

WebBluetooth * Ludwig * CSS Scroll Snap * * Intro to Font Metrics * To Grid or to Flex? Collective #492 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops

The Smart Ways to Correct Mistakes in Git

The world of software development offers an infinite amount of ways to mess up: deleting the wrong things, coding into dead ends, littering commit messages with typos, are a mere few of the plentitude. ​​ ​​Fortunately, however, we have a wonderful safety net under our feet in the form of Git when...

“the closest thing web standards have to a golden rule”

The internet's own Mat Marquis plucks this choice quote from the HTML Design Principals spec: In case of conflict, consider users over authors over implementors over specifiers over theoretical purity. And then he applies the idea to putting images on websites in 2019. Direct Link to Article...

​​Avoiding those dang cannot read property of undefined errors

​​​​Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'foo' of undefined.​ The dreaded error we all hit at some point in JavaScript development. Could be an empty state from an API that returns differently than you expected. Could be something else. We don’t know because the error itself is so general...

Deep Dive Into GraphQL Queries

In my last GraphQL post, I talked about the good and bad sides of GraphQL. In this post, we'll take an in-depth look at GraphQ

Grid Reveal Effects with Anime.js

Some experiments with the new staggering system of Anime.js where we try different effects for hiding and showing thumbnails in an image grid. Grid Reveal Effects with Anime.js was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops

A Site for Front-End Development Conferences (Built with 11ty on Netlify)

I built a new little site! It's a site for listing upcoming conferences in the world of front-end web design and development. In years past (like 2017), Sarah Drasner took up this daunting job. We used a form for new conference submissions, but it was still a rather manual task of basically...

Quick! What’s the Difference Between Flexbox and Grid?

Let's go rapid fire and try to answer this question with quick points rather than long explanations. There are a lot of similarities between flexbox and grid, starting with the fact that they are used for layout and much more powerful than any layout technique that came before them. They...

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the JavaScript

Around this time last year, I wrote an article about the JavaScript learning landscape. Within that article, you’ll find my grand plans to learn JavaScript — complete with a link to a CodePen Collection I started for tracking my progress, and it even got dozens of comments cheering me on. Like most...

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