Collective #767

QR Code Designer * * Mastering CSS Blend Modes * SpaceBadgers

How to Create a Screen Recording with Quicktime

Creating screen recordings is an essential skill for web developers. Screen recordings can illustrate new features, bugs, or a variety of other ideas. I’m often asked what app I use to create screen recordings and people are shocked when I tell them Quicktime! Let’s review how to create...

Collective #766

Memory Allocation * Introducing the Popover API * Windmill * Pixpaint

Collective #765

Error-Message Guidelines * Scoped CSS is Back * N8AO * Zoo

Collective #764

Don't use custom CSS scrollbars * Eyecandy * Frogmouth * Currl * EVA

Case Study: Sophie Studio

With a gaming interface as its core concept, Sophie Studio's website design showcases its values, purpose, and expertise in a fun and engaging way

Restart Mac From Command Line

Restarting and shutting down a computer remotely is a frequent task for remote system administrators. As someone that writes many shell scripts, I also find myself automating system restarts. Let’s look at a few ways to restart Mac systems from command line! Restart a Local Mac To restart...

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