Microsoft Ends $1 Xbox Game Pass Offer

Microsoft’s long-running introductory offer for its Xbox Game Pass subscription platform, which let users try the service out for $1 for the first month before moving onto more expensive payments, has finally come to a close.Read more

PC Game Accused Of 'Asset Theft' Removed From Steam

The controversy surrounding Dark and Darker, an MMO that stands accused of stealing not just assets but also staff from Korean publishers Nexon, escalated over the weekend when the game was delisted from Steam.Read more

Bungie Quietly Patches Destiny 2's Vagina Armband

Destiny 2 has gotten a bunch of hotfixes since the Lightfall expansion launched several weeks ago, but none like yesterday’s update. A fix not mentioned in the patch notes secretly changed the game’s newest Warlock armband armor to make it look less like a vagina.Read more

Bringing Authenticity And Humor To Like A Dragon's 'Western Renaissance'

The Like a Dragon series (formerly known as the Yakuza series) is the most video game ever. This melodramatic crime drama series about a bunch of burly gangsters with the power to rip their suits clean off from their lapels has wacky plotlines where you hire a chicken as a real estate employee...

Gritty New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Takes After God Of War

The Last Ronin comic is being adapted into an action-focused single-player video game that will play similarly to God of War. The popular and gritty 2020 comic, a spin-off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, stars the last remaining turtle in a war-ravaged wasteland. Read more

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