Managing Fonts in WordPress Block Themes

Fonts are a defining characteristic of the design of any site. That includes WordPress themes, where it’s common for theme developers to integrate a service like Google Fonts into the WordPress Customizer settings for a “classic” PHP-based theme. That hasn’t … Managing Fonts in WordPress...

Detect the Content Type in the Clipboard

A user’s clipboard is a “catch all” between the operating system and the apps employed on it. When you use a web browser, you can highlight text or right-click an image and select “Copy Image”. That made me think about how developers can detect what is in...

Collective #754

WebContainers * MakeReign Academy * Strudel REPL * Getting Started with Style Queries

Everything You Need to Know About the Gap After the List Marker

I was reading “Creative List Styling” on Google’s blog and noticed something odd in one of the code examples in the ::marker section of the article. The built-in list markers are bullets, ordinal numbers, and letters. The ::marker pseudo-element … Everything You Need to Know About...

Collective #753

Unovis * Openverse * SwissGL * DSLCad * From Ghost to 11ty

CSS ::file-selector-button

We all love beautifully styled form controls but, due to the differences between operating system displays, styling them can be painful. Due to that pain, we’ve created scores of libraries to mock these controls. Unfortunately that sometimes comes at the cost of accessibility, performance...

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