Collective #531

Publikováno: 11.7.2019

CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters * Atomize * SEO Mythbusting * Texel * Animating with Clip-Path

Collective #531 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters

In this article, Rachel Andrew starts by looking at lists in CSS, and moves onto some interesting features defined in the CSS Lists specification — markers and counters.

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Divi: Custom CSS Control

Divi is a revolutionary WordPress theme and visual page builder for WordPress. Developers can easily combine Divi’s visual design controls with their own custom CSS. Divi’s interface is simple yet not limiting.

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Popup Trombone

A really awesome experiment by Matthew Rayfield where you can play a trombone by resizing the browser window.

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A proof-of-concept generative design toolkit made by Matt DesLauriers.

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SEO Mythbusting

A Google Webmasters video series hosted by Martin Splitt with the aim to clarify common misconceptions around technical SEO.

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Collective #531 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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