WDRL — Edition 257: Future of JavaScript, SVG Filters 101, and Humans not Users

Publikováno: 8.2.2019

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this week I’ll go straight to the links I found, I simply didn’t came up with a good introduction piece this week which is probably due to the hectic week. Anyways, the articles in this edition are very useful, have new insights and great thoughts.




  • What makes the difference between a good digital product and a great digital product? Two letters: UX. User Experience Design. But there’s a fundamental problem with that. Johannes Ippen on why we should see humans, not users.


  • Sara Soueidan wrote a 101 course on SVG Filters to help you understand what they are and show you how to use them to create your own visual effects.




Go beyond…

  • “It must be free” — On services we obviously don’t need but still wanna have. My essay about the importance of seeing value in the things we really need and why it’s so easy to want more things but less is really more.
  • Eric Barker sums up some conclusions on how we can make our life better by maintaining essential relationships, avoiding technology, and values instead of lifehacks.


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