WDRL — Edition 311: People-first leadership, Scoped CSS and Grid View Transitions

Publikováno: 3.5.2023

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Spring and the caprioles of April’s weather here in Germany kept me so busy that I couldn’t send out a condensed edition earlier. We had a rainy month, and my split role of being a market gardener and web developer (currently working as a Scrum Master) is already challenging. But with unpredictable weather it gets even trickier. On the other hand, being in the garden calms me down, gives me back a lot of energy and happiness, and is a nice counterpart to sitting in front of a display doing virtual work.

If the Internet is to be a place for good, we all need to confront what it’s become.
The essay by Karolina points out why search results are biased, and websites are cluttered with (mis)information. She concludes with a few things designers and developers or product owners can do to make the web a better place.





  • Socket is proud to introduce an exciting new tool—“safe npm”—that protects developers whenever they use npm install.
  • With CodiumAI, you get non-trivial tests suggested right inside your IDE, so you can code smart, create more value, and stay confident when you push. Haven’t tried but it sounds quite nice.


Web Performance


  • I refactored my template about a year ago and was frustrated by the state of coding email templates. Today, things seem to have significantly improved and here’s how coding email looks like in 2023: No tables required anymore, still no HTML5 elements but a few nice things and we now have an Email consortium that tries to fix the remaining inconsistencies.
  • In HTML, we now have the <search> element grouping form elements into a semantic search group.



Work & Life

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