What’s that adorable little Inkling is posing with?

What’s that adorable little Inkling is posing with? Why, yes, it is a champagne gun that spews bursts of ink. Splatoon 2's latest weapon, in the style of our favorite holiday bubbly, shoots more pressurized ink after the player holds down ZR. Read more

Yes Yes Praise It

Anna Pan is an artist based in Australia who has worked on games like Dream Daddy.Read more

Breath of the Wild's DLC Boss Has A Funny Weakness

Breath of the Wild’s new DLC focuses on Hyrule’s past, telling stories of Link’s companions and the ancient world that came before them. The final boss, a centuries old foe, has a surprising weakness.Read more

To The Moon's Sequel Feels Just A Bit Too Familiar

It’s been six years since everybody cried playing To The Moon, an indie narrative game about venturing into a dying man’s memories to fulfill his final wish. A lot has changed, especially in the world of independent game development. Sequel Finding Paradise, however, picks up right where To...

Steam Removes Game About Hiding Porn From Your Parents

At first glance, You Must Be 18 or Older to Enter doesn’t look like porn. There’s far more ASCII than ass, and the game says its goal is to explore the awkward, scary feelings that accompany a person’s first steps into sexuality. However, last week Valve yanked it because it decided the game...

Frustration Simulator Getting Over It Climbs Steam Best Sellers List

Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy is a nonsensical game that challenges players to climb a mountain with a hammer. The silly premise and highly animated reactions from streamers who take a tumble have launched it right to the heights of Steam’s best seller list one day after its release on...

WWE 2K18 Looks Gnarly On The Switch

If you’re the kind of person who watches WWE matches on 75% speed, WWE 2K18’s Switch version may be for you. For others, not so much. Released today, the game has fans begging for a framerate patch.Read more

The Best Part Of Oblivion Was The Absurd Poison Apples

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an awkward game that feels a little bit like world full of Disney World animatronics. One piece of poison food highlighted the game’s silliness while also forcing players to get intimate with their targets.Read more

The New Anime Godzilla Movie Is Pretty Good

Since 1954, Godzilla has been brought to life by a man in a kaiju suit, animation, computer graphics, motion capture, and now, 3D anime. And you know what, the monster’s latest incarnation ain’t half bad.Read more

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