The Best Dreamcast Games

Here’s a terrifying fact: Sega has been out of the console business longer than they were in it. And while it was the Dreamcast that finally did the struggling giant in, for a platform that was only around for a couple of years it certainly left one hell of a legacy behind.Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter Gets First Update In Over Four Years

The Polish developer CD Projekt Red first announced Cyberpunk 2077 in May 2012. After a few brief teases, the studio went silent. And now, for the first time in nearly half a decade, Cyberpunk 2077 has re-emerged with a juicy, tantalizing message.Read more

The Heartbreaking Final Fantasy VII Song That Makes Me Smile

One of Final Fantasy’s most iconic songs doesn’t even make my top 10 favorite list. That said, it’s also one of my most cherished. What makes it special is that it’s tied to one of my fondest memories—but not in as sweet a way as you may think.Read more

What’s that adorable little Inkling is posing with?

What’s that adorable little Inkling is posing with? Why, yes, it is a champagne gun that spews bursts of ink. Splatoon 2's latest weapon, in the style of our favorite holiday bubbly, shoots more pressurized ink after the player holds down ZR. Read more

Yes Yes Praise It

Anna Pan is an artist based in Australia who has worked on games like Dream Daddy.Read more

Breath of the Wild's DLC Boss Has A Funny Weakness

Breath of the Wild’s new DLC focuses on Hyrule’s past, telling stories of Link’s companions and the ancient world that came before them. The final boss, a centuries old foe, has a surprising weakness.Read more

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