A Final Goodbye To The Last Generation

For the past month we’ve been taking a look back at the winners, losers and defining trends of the PlayStation 4/Xbox One era of home video game consoles as part of a feature series called The Last Generation.Read more

Riot Casually Announces League Of Legends MMO

League of Legends fans who would like to enjoy the universe but not keep playing the same game over and over until you die, you’re in luck. Riot just announced a new MMO set in the game’s universe in the most casual way imaginable.Read more

It's Weird How Some Games Are Now Too Big To Fail

For nearly the entire history of video games, most title’s lifespans would play out the same cruel, Darwinian way: they would come out and either live or die, sometimes with spectacular consequences. No second chances.Read more

Streamers Flabbergasted After Twitch Partially Bans The Word 'Simp'

It’s been yet another long 24 hours for Twitch—the latest in what’s shaped up to be an agonizingly long year for the company (and also everybody on Earth). Yesterday afternoon, Twitch held a live town hall with the goal of illuminating recent policy changes and features around DMCAs, sexual...

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Super Baby 2, Whoever The Heck That Is

Dragon Ball FighterZ has gone off the rails. I can understand, on some level, the thousands of Goku variations that make up its cast. I’ll even overlook the two Brolys, if only because both versions are so popular. But recent reports that the Arc System Works fighting game is getting Super Baby...

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