Stáhněte si zdarma klasiku klasik, Epic rozdává famózní Doom 64

První dva díly střílečky Doom zná bezesporu každý hráč, ale pozdější pokračování, které vzniklo pouze pro konzole Nintendo 64, bylo dlouho majitelům herních PC zapovězené. Nyní si můžete ovšem doplnit základní vzdělání a to rovnou zdarma a v remasterované podobě

Kickstarter Game Goes Bust Gambling On Crypto, Can't Refund Backers

In 2021, at the height of the world’s collective blockchain madness, a video game called Untamed Isles—Pokemon, but with crypto stuff—made over $500,000 on Kickstarter. A year later the game is practically dead, and is so broke it can’t even refund its backers.Read more

GTA V Mod Looks Like GTA VI

We’ve been writing about the mod NaturalVision for years, almost as long as Grand Theft Auto V has been out on PC, and each time we revisit the project it continues to amaze.Read more

Metal Gear Solid VR Mod Would Break Even Hideo Kojima’s Brain

I can think of no better fit for an immersive VR experience than Metal Gear Solid, a video game series that is so often about simulations, distinguishing truth from falsehood, and literal virtual reality. Now, thanks to an inspired modder who’s a dear fan of the games, you can experience the first...

Elden Ring’s Malenia Tells The Fairytale I Always Wanted To Hear

Nowadays we associate them with gold dust and eternally sweet faces, but the fairy is a sort of monster. Southeast Asia’s “yaksha” nature spirits gobble up stray travelers, the Germanic “erlking” can kill a kid with its bare hands. Elden Ring’s Malenia, Blade of Miquella, emerged from a rotting...

The Xbox Features Most People Forget About

We did it for the Switch. We did it for the PlayStation 5. It’s only fair that we do it for the Xbox, too. Earlier this month, Sony announced it’d purge the barely-used Accolades feature from PS5, which allowed you to bestow awards on others in multiplayer games. This spurred a thought exercise:...

Xbox Adds More Classic Bethesda Bangers To Game Pass

PC Game Pass users now have access to more classic Bethesda and id Software games, including some old Elder Scrolls spin-offs and old-school shooters, like Wolfenstein 3D. And that’s not all. Bethesda is also offering some older games for free in the Microsoft Store on PC. Read more

McDonald's Pokémon Card Happy Meals Are Back, But Fans Aren’t Happy

When I left work on Tuesday, I immediately rushed to my nearest McDonald’s in order to secure Pokémon cards from its latest Happy Meal promotion. I bought two kids meals (I do not have any children), and I was slightly disappointed when the employee handed me two plain Happy Meal boxes. I had been...

Pokémon Unite’s New Stage Puts The Fearsome Rayquaza At The Center

During the Pokémon World Championships, an annual invite-only esports event dedicated to all things pocket monsters which kicked off today, developer TiMi Studio Group revealed that the free-to-play MOBA Pokémon Unite will get a new map and a recognizable Gen III legendary dragon sometime soon.Read...

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