Fanoušci nevydrželi čekání na vysněnou hru, vyrobili ji v Minecraftu sami

Ačkoliv jsme první záběry ze hry viděli už před více než pěti lety, Hollow Knight Silksong stále nemá žádné datum vydání a autoři nadále mlží ohledně stavu jejího vývoje. Fanoušci proto vzali celou věc do vlastních rukou a předělali dosud zveřejněné materiály do hratelné podoby v Minecraftu

Flintlock: The Best Melee And Ranged Weapons

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn may not sport as many weapons as other, more traditional soulslikes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of options to choose from when deciding how to build your character. From axes and hammers to a selection of unique guns, you’ll definitely need to do a...

This Fantastic Noir-Inspired Game Blends Blade Runner And BioShock

In the first five minutes of the new cyberpunk noir game Nobody Wants to Die, the main character runs through a list of genre tropes in record time. He pounds down a bottle of pills, takes a swig of alcohol from his flask (while another unopened bottle of moonshine sits in the background), gets...

New Strategy Game Is They Are Billions For Lego Freaks And I Can't Put It Down

I love strategy games, but getting into a new one is always an uphill struggle for me. There’s a ton of new information to take in, new systems to familiarize myself with, and all of the odd quirks and clumsy controls to get accustomed to. But every once in a while one of them instantly gets their...

This Shadow Of The Erdtree Sword Is A Stylish Addition To Sorcery Builds

The Spirit Sword is a Curved Sword you can only obtain in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. This aesthetically striking weapon isn’t a best-in-class choice, especially considering its poor range, but it’s nevertheless a fun option for sorcery-based builds looking for a bit of visual...

Game Pass Is Finally Getting Its First Call Of Duty Later This Week

It appears that finally, almost a year after completing its acquisition of Activision, Microsoft is adding a previously released Call of Duty game—2023's Modern Warfare III—to its Netflix-like subscription service. And you won’t have to wait long. Read more

Steven Spielberg, Why Did You Rob Us Of A Twisters Kiss?

Steven Spielberg, who hurt you? Who denied you a smooch in your elementary school days that turned a corner of your heart black and made you hate kissing? If there was ever a movie that felt like it needed more kissing, it’s the recently released Twisters starring Glen Powell, a man who could have...

We Almost Got A GBA Port Of Rockstar’s Cult Classic The Warriors

The Warriors, a PS2-era video game adaption of the 1979 film of the same name, was never Rockstar Games’ biggest hit, but it was well-reviewed at the time. And according to a source, a Game Boy Advance port of this cult classic Rockstar game was nearly finished before being canceled.Read more

The Best Way To Get Carbon Fiber In Palworld

Palworld can feel a little overwhelming. You’re thrust into an expansive world full of unique creatures, humans with rifles, and countless resources to source, harvest, and manage. And that’s on top of the survival mechanics! It’s a lot.Read more

Every Big Announcement From Evo 2024

This weekend, the best fighting game players in the world gathered to compete in Evo 2024. The annual tournament is the biggest competition for the genre, and on top of fantastic matches, the event always has major announcements for the fighting game world. That includes updates on already existing...

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