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NFTs Are Dead (But They’re Changing Everything)

Forget million-dollar profile pictures, the real innovation of NFTs is ownership rights. This technology still has potential to transform industries, says Layne Nadeau, Founder and CEO of Nval, a pricing and analytics platform for NFTs and other assets

The Industry Wasn't Ready For This Drag-Based Fighting Game

On May 15, the official X (formerly Twitter) account for Drag Her!, an indie fighting game set to feature famous drag performers, shared a sad update: After three years of development, and around $75,000 in funding via Kickstarter, the game was shutting down and the dev team was disbanding....

Hellblade 2, Paper Mario, and 17 Other Games To Get Excited For In May

We’re heading into the fifth month of 2024, and naturally, we have a full calendar of days and weeks of fresh new games to dig into. This month we’re looking at the anticipated sequel to Ninja Theory’s Hellblade, the return of Paper Mario, World of Goo, and yet another game that lets us play as...

Sand Land’s Video Game Adaptation Is A Devilishly Good Time

Sand Land caught my attention as soon as I saw the game’s booth at New York City Comic Con last year, with its enormous recreation of the Royal Army tank. The game’s setting, character designs, and of course the tank, stuck with me, even though I wouldn’t consider myself familiar with much, if...

You’ll Need To Spend $70k To Enter This Digital Bathroom And Twerk

A large metaverse project created by the company behind the Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT project held a recent series of beta sessions for individuals who owned certain NFTs. While the developers claim this is just the beginning, it’s not looking promising considering how much money is involved. Read...

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