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Binance Will Cease Support for Its BUSD Stablecoin on Dec. 15

Binance said it will end support for its BUSD stablecoin on Dec. 15, following the exchange's August announcement that it would “gradually” do so after Paxos, the company that actually issued it, was ordered to stop minting the coin in February

Binance to Gradually Phase Out Support for BUSD Stablecoin

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by global trade volume, Binance, has announced it is discontinuing support for the stablecoin asset BUSD. The trading platform is encouraging users to swap their BUSD as Binance gradually phases out BUSD markets. BUSD Support Ending on Binance...

Binance to Drop Support for BUSD Stablecoin by 2024

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has revealed intentions to delist eight Binance USD (BUSD) trading pairs as part of a broader plan to withdraw full support for the stablecoin by 2024.  In a Wednesday blog post, the company revealed that Binance Margin will suspend...

Payments Giant Paypal Launches Dollar-Backed Stablecoin PYUSD

Paypal has introduced its own stablecoin, representing the first venture of its kind by a leading financial firm. Initially reported by Bloomberg, the launch could notably accelerate the slow integration of cryptocurrencies for payment purposes. A New Era for Paypal: Introduction of PYUSD...

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