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Report: Tether Pivots to Bahamas’ Britannia Bank Amid US Banking Strains

In a recent report released on Tuesday, undisclosed sources detailed that the firm behind the top stablecoin in market cap, tether (USDT), is now banking with Britannia Bank & Trust. In the past month, tether’s supply has dipped by 1.3%, leaving 82.85 billion USDT in circulation....

Bahamas Supreme Court Allows Bankman-Fried to Challenge Extra DOJ Charges

The Supreme Court of the Bahamas has granted FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried the ability to challenge new charges levied against him by US prosecutors.  The charges, which include bank fraud and bribery in addition to the original charges of wire fraud and money laundering, were added after...

FTX Bankruptcy Update: FTX Debtors to Sell Mysten Labs Stake for $95 Million

The infamous crypto exchange FTX will reportedly sell its stake in Web3-focused startup Mysten Labs in an effort to pay back its customers. The new management at FTX is continuing its mission to collect money to return to the victims of the old management's practices. ... Read More: FTX Bankruptcy...

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