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New statement of Russian experts on Bitcoin bull markets

The report was released by the Roscongress Foundation, a leading Russian conference organizer. According to Russian experts, the bitcoin bull market trend will falter. They said Bitcoin’s recent price hike is associated with the speculative game surrounding the spot Bitcoin ETF approvals....

Bitcoin surges: Multiple BUY signals triggered; seize the opportunity!

New trends in digital currencies suggest positive changes, particularly for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as financial experts have noted. Specifically, on May 18, there was an alert for Bitcoin ETFs, which showed an excellent opportunity to trade. This was backed by another analysis on May 20 that showed...

Bitcoin celebrates 14th Pizza Day with speculation and expected upswing

It has been 14 years since a US man named Lazlo Hanyecz bought a pizza using his crypto holdings. This happened when he struck a deal with a user of the BitcoinTalk forum. He used 10,000 BTC tokens to buy 2 large pizzas. The value was approximately $41 at that time, in May 2010. The …

Crypto Exchange Bitget Appoints Gracy Chen as CEO

Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform Bitget has promoted Gracy Chen as its new CEO taking over from Sandra Lou, who is moving on to pursue other business goals. The post Crypto Exchange Bitget Appoints Gracy Chen as CEO appeared first on Cryptonews

US Spot Bitcoin ETFs secure continued inflows, totaling over $241 million

US spot Bitcoin traded funds witnessed an additional day of net inflows, raking in $241.12 million. This has been the case for the past six days in a row, taking place after March. The spot Bitcoin ETFs from companies such as Ark Invest and 21Shares contributed $68 million, while BlackRock’s...

Cloud Miner BitFuFu Reports a 149% Spike in Q1 Revenue

BitFuFu's total revenue skyrocketed 149% year-over-year to $144.4 million, beyond expectations. Profit figures were even more massive as its net income exploded more than 12-fold to $35.3 million.  The post Cloud Miner BitFuFu Reports a 149% Spike in Q1 Revenue appeared first on Cryptonews

Bitcoin weekly new wallets drop to the lowest level since 2018

Since 2018, the weekly number of Bitcoin addresses has fallen to its lowest level. The recent trend was influenced by developments in the Bitcoin space and the upcoming halving event. Market reports indicate that the Bitcoin ecosystem has recently added an average of 275,000 addresses.  Reports...

Bitcoin surges 16% in May, but analysts warn of correction ahead

Bitcoin has experienced a notable surge in value, rising 16% month-to-date and currently trading around $43,000. This upward trend has been primarily attributed to positive market sentiment driven by several key developments, including the anticipation of spot Bitcoin ETF approvals and significant...

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