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$1.8 Billion Cryptos Lost Across 751 Security Breaches in 2023: CertiK report

Source: Pixabay/Werner Moser 2023 saw a 51% decline in the digital assets lost to hacks, scams and exploits than that of 2022. However, a staggering $1.84 billion in cryptocurrencies were lost across 751 security breaches in 2023, blockchain security firm CertiK reveals. The 2023 “Hack3d” report...

Connect Kit Exploit Sparks Criticism of Ledger’s Security Framework

On Dec. 14, 2023, Ledger’s Connect Kit, a Javascript library for wallet connectivity, suffered a significant exploit. This incident, which was contained within two hours, has brought forth a number of criticisms of Ledger’s security practices. Ledger Exploit Elicits Mixed Reactions From...

Report: Jump Trading Cuts Ties With Wormhole Amid Staff Reductions

Based on a recent report, Jump Trading Group, known for its focus on algorithmic and high-frequency trading techniques, has reportedly severed ties with the Wormhole crypto initiative, known for its cross-chain communication services. Last year saw Wormhole suffer a significant loss of 120,000...

Sony Suffers Two Hacks In Four Months, Thousands Of Employees' Info Exposed

A week after an extortion group called claimed to have hacked into Sony’s systems and stolen 3.14GB of data, the company has admitted to a second security breach. This one occurred back in May and involved the personal data of nearly 6,791 current and former employees.Read more

FTX Restores Full Access to Claims Portal After Cybersecurity Breach

The portal allowing FTX customers to file claims with the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange is again fully operational after a recent security incident. User accounts that were affected by the breach in August have been unfrozen, the failed crypto trading company announced. Crypto Exchange FTX...

Suspected $28 Million Coinex Hot Wallet Hack Emerges

Numerous reports have surfaced, pointing to a potential security breach in Coinex’s hot wallets, suggesting a hacker’s involvement. Peckshield, a blockchain security and data analytics firm, observed a concerning pattern – an unusual outflow of substantial assets originating...

Vitalik Buterin Confirms His X Account Was Hacked by SIM Swap

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin took to social media to share details about the hacking of his profile on X, formerly Twitter. The influential crypto figure confirmed suspicions that the account was targeted in a SIM swap attack allowing perpetrators to promote a crypto scam enticing victims with...

The anatomy of a cyberattack

Explore the inner workings of a cyberattack, and understand its stages and techniques to strengthen cybersecurity defenses

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