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Cardano (ADA) price set for recovery with strong investor optimism

Cardano, one of the most popular cryptos, is showing signs of recovery. To complete the shift, the token will need support from investors and the market. If Cardano manages to register a hike, its unprofitable supply of 1.7 billion tokens can turn profitable. According to the latest ADA forecast...

Charles Hoskinson shares concern about the ongoing AI Censorship trend

Charles Hoskinson recently discussed a prevalent trend in AI and its implications. The Cardano founder believes that censorship is defeating AI’s purpose.  In a recent X post, Hoskinson stated how AI censorship depletes its utility. AI is losing value because of alignment training. This means that...

Cardano integrates IBC for connectivity and Interchain access

Cardano recently announced that it will integrate the IBC Protocol to enhance connectivity from Cosmos to Ethereum. The development will also allow Cosmos to gain access to the Interchain ecosystem. IBC has been designed to facilitate data exchanges and transactions across multiple blockchains....

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