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Chinese Crypto Mining Crackdown Turns Focus to PC Rooms and ‘Home Miners’

  Having effectively eliminated its industrial crypto mining sector, China is now going after the small fry: internet café and PC gaming room operators – and even those mining on rigs and cards at home – as Beijing moves to squash the mining industry once and for all.... Read More: Chinese Crypto...

Crypto Crime Still Rising in China Despite Crackdown, Warn Authorities

Reports from Chinese provincial law enforcement agencies appear to show that crypto crime is still on the up – despite a nationwide crackdown on crypto and mining exacted in September this year.... Read More: Crypto Crime Still Rising in China Despite Crackdown, Warn Authorities

Central Bank of Peru Will Develop a Digital Currency

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru, the Peruvian central bank, is planning to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC) like other economies of the world. The announcement was made by its president, Julio Velarde, who stated that the currency would be designed for use primarily in payments....

Top Chinese Official Booted out For ‘Supporting Crypto Mining Activities’

A top Chinese regional official has been expelled from the Chinese Communist Party – and may face heavy punishment for allegedly “supporting” crypto mining in exchange for bribes and sex. Per NBD and the China Daily, charges against the official, Xiao Yi, were leveled by the supervisory committee...

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