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Ethereum Technical Analysis: Bullish Market Sentiment Keeps ETH Above $3,500

Ethereum’s price experienced a turbulent trading session on March 4, 2024, with significant intraday fluctuations marking the landscape. Despite the short-term volatility, underlying indicators and moving averages suggest a strong bullish trend over the long term. Ethereum The last 24 hours...

Ethereum Technical Analysis: Upper Resistance Tussle Puts Bulls on Pause

Ethereum’s price movement on Feb. 26, 2024, showcases a strong uptrend despite recent market volatility. With the second leading crypto asset’s price hovering around $3,064, it reflects a significant surge over the past month. At press time, market oscillators and moving averages...

Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Stabilizes in a Narrow Range

Today’s trading session commenced with ethereum oscillating between $2,480 and $2,532 in the past hour, enclosed within a daily range of $2,472 to $2,544. This restricted range hints at a brief stabilization period after a spell of recent market swings. Ethereum maintains a strong market...

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