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FTX Unveils Reboot Plan for New Offshore Exchange under New Leadership

On July 31st, under its new CEO, John J. Ray III, the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX Trading Ltd. submitted a draft plan to "reboot" the collapsed crypto exchange. The proposal was unveiled on Monday, presenting claimants with the option to hold equity securities, tokens, or other...

FTT Price Pumps, Dumps as FTX Claims Portal Opens, Then Becomes Unavailable

FTT saw a massive 26% pump from the $1.40s to the $1.80 area on Tuesday in a matter of minutes, before pulling back under $1.60 on Wednesday. FTT is the utility token of the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX that is currently going through a lengthy, arduous bankruptcy process in wake of...

What is JOMO in crypto trading?

JOMO is that "I-was-right-about-the-market" joyful feeling after narrowly escaping a bad trade and potentially catastrophic losses

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