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Iranians Defy Warning and Share Pictures of Bitcoin Mining in Mosque

On Tuesday, the Iranian energy grid corporation Tavanir warned illegal bitcoin mining operations that they would be cut off from their supply. Following the announcement, pictures of a mining facility set up in a mosque went viral on social media. Also Read: Iranian Energy Grid Blames...

Iranian Energy Grid Blames 7% Consumption Increase on Bitcoin Miners

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhad, the spokesperson for Tavanir, an Iranian state-operated grid entity, has explained that electrical consumption has spiked by 7% in comparison to the previous year. Rajabi blames illegal cryptocurrency mining operations for the country’s increased electrical consumption...

Seems Like The Party Time Is Over For The Taiwanese Crypto Mining Suppliers!

The last year’s bear market is still proving to be quite expensive. The dip in the crypto mining hardware demands due to the bearish market last year is causing a great deal of discomfort for the businesses that deal with manufacturing of the crypto mining hardware. As desperate measures, these...

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