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The 21 Best Amazon Prime Day 2024 Gaming Deals

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Amazon Prime Day 2024 started earlier today and lasts until the end of July 17. Yes, Prime Day is actually two days. It’s weird. Anyway, there are some good deals to be found on Xbox consoles, new video games, storage devices, and more during the annual sales event. Read more

You Can Play Xbox Games Without An Xbox For Under $100

Microsoft just announced that it’s bringing its worsening subscription service Game Pass, which gives access to a revolving catalog of first-and-third party titles for a monthly fee, to Amazon’s Fire Sticks in a continued bid to expand outside of the Xbox ecosystem. Now, thanks to a wild deal on...

Jackass Star Steve-O Got Paid $100,000 For Appearing In NFL 2K5

Jackass and Wildboyz star Steve-O isn’t a big video game player, but he has appeared in a few games over the years. And according to the stunt performer and podcaster, he got paid pretty well to appear in NFL 2K5. Meanwhile, his role in a Tony Hawk game published by Activision wasn’t nearly...

My Lengthy, Frustrating Quest To Become A PC Gamer

Growing up, the sole PC I had access to was an ancient Dell that my dad used for work and softball scheduling, which could only really (barely) run The Sims 2. My parents were jocks and didn’t understand how anyone would pay thousands of dollars for a computer, so it wasn’t until I started...

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6's First Beta Weekend Is Closer Than You Think

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 is the first game in the series that won’t be giving PlayStation players exclusive entry into its early access beta. Instead, the Gulf War-era shooter will arrive simultaneously on all platforms, including Xbox and PC, starting in August. Read more

Doom Fans Go Too Far, Port The Shooter To A Sex Toy

Hello readers, I bring forth yet another Doom port. This time someone has ported the classic and beloved shooter—famously playable on nearly every device—to an electronic fleshlight (a sex toy molded after a body part that you can stick your bits in). And if you kill a demon, well, you get a little...

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