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Cross-Chain Partnership Between Swarm and Wrapped Expands DeFi Capabilities

Swarm and Wrapped entered into a partnership on September 7 to improve's existing services for transferring cryptocurrencies between different blockchain networks. The main goal is to make it easier to convert, or "wrap," cryptocurrencies for use in decentralized finance, commonly known...

Payday 3 Devs Explain Terrible Matchmaking Issues

Payday 3's matchmaking servers were a mess in its first week. What went wrong? The maker of the game, Starbreeze Studios, blames an “unforeseen error” for the issues, and says it’s looking at ways to make the “always online” multiplayer shooter “less dependent on online services.” Read more

Decoding Atomicals: Unpacking the Newest Addition to Bitcoin’s Tech Suite

Following the introduction of Ordinal inscriptions, BRC20 tokens, and Stamps on the Bitcoin blockchain, the community has seen the debut of a new digital object technology named Atomicals. Meet Atomicals: The Latest Data-Embedding Technology on the Bitcoin Blockchain Since the close of 2022...

Starfield Player Followed Across The Galaxy By An Entire City

Although early reviews claimed Starfield was Bethesda Game Studios’ most polished game to date, the open-space RPG still suffers from some of the strange, sometimes amusing, occasionally very helpful sorts of bugs and glitches the studio’s work is often known for. Maybe the most mind-boggling...

The Massive Xbox Leak: 11 Big Reveals

This week brought us a wonderful treasure trove of leaks from deep inside the highest echelons of Microsoft’s Xbox division, accidentally shared online as a result of the company’s legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission over its now-greenlit Activision acquisition. These confidential...

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