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Is Bitcoin price going to crash again?

Bitcoin price is offsetting Mt. Gox fears with favorable macroeconomic factors, yet some analysts forecast a potential drop below $50,000 in the coming weeks

Economist Jim Rickards Discusses US Dollar Decline and Potential $27,000 Gold

Economist Jim Rickards has shared insights on the U.S. dollar’s decline, driven by sanctions and mounting debt, and the potential rise in gold’s value as nations seek alternatives like the BRICS currency. He warns that internal mismanagement is the greatest threat to the dollar’s...

Taiwan central bank says no rush for CBDC launch

The Central Bank of the Republic of China mentioned handling government tenders through special purpose tokens to improve operational efficiency using smart contracts for bids and performance bonds

Bahamas to Mandate Banks to Distribute Central Bank Digital Currency

The Bahamas, the first country to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC) called the Sand Dollar, is preparing regulations to mandate commercial banks to provide access to the e-money to boost adoption. Central Bank Governor John Rolle indicated that these regulations would be implemented...

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