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How Web3 is Revolutionizing Water Access in Rural India

The Crypto Council for Innovation has highlighted the positive impact of web3 in rural India through a case study that demonstrated improved water access. Decentralized solutions, like those implemented by Atlantis DAO, are transforming water availability and creating economic opportunities...

Unstoppable Domains to Provide Web3 Sign-In to Pudgy Penguins Metaverse

Unstoppable Domains, a key player in Web3 domains and digital identity solutions, has announced an integration with Pudgy Penguins, enabling users to access Pudgy World using their .pudgy domain names. The integration allows users to bypass traditional password-based logins, offering a more...

Ubisoft Partners With Double Jump.Tokyo to Implement Web3 in Its Games

Ubisoft, the French AAA game developer, has recently announced a partnership with Double Jump.Tokyo, a Web3 gaming company, to accelerate the implementation of Web3 elements in their games. As a first step, Double Jump.Tokyo will issue NFTs for Champion Tactics, a game still in development, on...

Here’s what happened in crypto today

Need to know what happened in crypto today? Here is the latest news on daily trends and events impacting Bitcoin price, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and crypto regulation

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