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New Japanese TV Drama About Manga Fan Who Loves Shipping

Baki The Grappler is a manga (and anime, pictured) about dudes beating the crap out of each other in an underground material arts tournament. In 2019, sociologist Junko Kaneda wrote a book about viewing it through a Boys’ Love lens. It’s now being adapted into a live-action TV series in Japan.Read...

How to Create Neon Text With CSS

Neon text can add a nice, futuristic touch to any website. I’ve always loved the magic of neon signs, and wanted to recreate them using CSS. I thought I’d share some tips on how to do it! In this article, … The post How to Create Neon Text With CSS appeared first on CSS-Tricks. You...

What "Anime" Means

The word anime is often defined as “animation from Japan.” If only it were that simple! When you hear the word “anime,” images of large eyes and colorful hair come to mind. Maybe something like this?Read more

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #16

Get inspired with this special pick of the best UI animation and interaction shots from the past couple of weeks. The post UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #16 appeared first on Codrops

Hideaki Anno Is Not Remaking A Famous Anime, Says Studio

Recently, an article on a Japanese news site claimed that Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno was doing “a new version” of an anime that “everyone knows” in Japan. The article added that the original iconic anime was directed by someone else, and the information claimed to be from a studio staffer....

eBay Is Banning The Sale Of 'Adult Video Games'

On June 15, global auction site eBay will be implementing a new “Adult Items Policy”, and it goes a lot harder on mature content than simply outlawing the sale of pornography.Read more

Advanced CSS Animation Using cubic-bezier()

When dealing with complex CSS animations, there is a tendency to create expansive @keyframes with lots of declarations. There are a couple of tricks though that I want to talk about that might help make things easier, while staying in … The post Advanced CSS Animation Using cubic-bezier()...

How Studio Ghibli Helped With The Latest Evangelion Film

Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno has a history that goes way back with Studio Ghibli—before it was even founded. One of the first big jobs he got in the industry was working on Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 classic Nausicaä. Read more

Yasuke Is A Full-Circle Moment For Black Anime Fans

Watching the first episode of Yasuke, Netflix’s new fantastical animated show about the life of a Black samurai, I started to cry. I remembered how it felt to be a 16-year-old girl watching anime in the nighttime darkness of my living room. Watching Yasuke, with its titular Black character kicking...

The Mysterious Girl On The My Neighbor Totoro Poster

On the original poster as well as on the DVD and Blu-ray cover, there is a mysterious girl standing next to Totoro. She isn’t Satsuki or Mei, and this girl does not appear in the movie. Yet, here she is.Read more

Text Outline Animation with Three.js

Learn how to code the text outline effect seen on using Three.js with some GLSL. The post Text Outline Animation with Three.js appeared first on Codrops

Nailing That Cool Dissolve Transition

We’re going to create an impressive transition effect between images that’s, dare I say, very simple to implement and apply to any site. We’ll be using the kampos library because it’s very good at doing exactly what we need. We’ll … The post Nailing That Cool Dissolve Transition...

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