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ToeJam & Earl III's Original Final Boss Was A Klansman

In early builds of the Xbox’s ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth, the eponymous extra-terrestrials beat up a hooded member of the Ku Klux Klan as the final boss fight of the game. Previously we only had the developer’s word from an obscure interview, but now we can finally see it for ourselves...

Workers Accuse Activision Blizzard Of Union Busting

Activision Blizzard employees represented by the ABetterABK worker group filed a lawsuit against the Call of Duty publisher with the National Labor Review Board yesterday accusing it of union busting. It comes in the wake of a bombshell California lawsuit alleging widespread sexual harassment...

Attack on Titan Gets Freaky-Looking Trash And Recycling Bins

In Attack on Titan, the human-eating Titans are horrifying and freaky. So naturally, when an official Titan trash and recycling bins were introduced in Japan, they also look unsettling—even more so when placed next to Coca-Cola vending machines. As part of an effort to promote recycling and good...

Creating Interactive Product Pages With React and Cloudinary

With Cloudinary and React, create low-bandwidth, interactive product pages for e-commerce on which shoppers can specify sizes, colors, and custom text. The post Creating Interactive Product Pages With React and Cloudinary appeared first on Codrops

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Puddlegate's Latest Victim

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.3 was touted as another round of bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as giving players a new outfit and car. But some players quickly noticed other changes. Puddles seemed fewer and farther between. The roads were less slick and reflective. In general, the game’s...

Pokémon Go's Reddit Goes Dark In Protest Against Site Inaction

Pokémon Go creators Niantic recently proved slow in addressing widespread fears about the game forcing players into close proximity with other humans amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, in a ripple from that, the game’s Reddit sub, r/pokemongo, has switched itself to ‘private’, in response to what...

Bandai Launched A Gundam Model Recycling Project In Japan

Much of the appeal of making Gundam models is getting a box full of parts connected to plastic frame sections, cutting those parts out, and then piecing together a badass mecha. But when you’re finished, there’s still a box full of discarded plastic frames! FNN reports that as of last year, when...

Cyberpunk Western Looks Endearingly Absurd

After a month of teasing on social media, the small team behind ExeKiller released a full reveal trailer for their upcoming action-adventure game earlier today, and believe me when I say it’s a lot.Read more

How Be and the Muffin Builder will reinvent the way you build websites

One of the fastest and most intuitive page builders is an integral part of BeTheme’s’ all-in-one WordPress toolkit. Learn more about how the Muffin Live Builder can transform the way you work. The post How Be and the Muffin Builder will reinvent the way you build websites appeared first on Codrops

Riot Is Still Delaying Harassment Investigation, California Alleges

In addition to Activision Blizzard, California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing has also been looking at Riot Games’ history of “unlawful workplace practices”, saying in a statement today that the League of Legends developer has once again delayed their investigations into harassment...

The Ascent Is Gorgeous But Its Signs Are Nonsense

The Ascent is a pretty dang good twin-stick shooter, but some Korean-speaking players have taken issue with the cyberpunk game’s liberal (and sometimes downright incorrect) use of the language.Read more

The Best Zombie Safe Room Notes In The Back 4 Blood Beta

Back 4 Blood is a lot like Left 4 Dead. Both games feature first-person shootin’, online co-op action, and tons of zombies. Even the names are very similar! These similarities are completely by design as Turtle Rock Studios, the devs behind Back 4 Blood, are the same folks who developed...

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