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Investors Still Think Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Makes Too Much Money

Grass is green, the sky is blue, and Bobby Kotick is still rich. Earlier this year, Activision halved the CEO’s pay and annual bonus target after he spent years pulling in tens of millions of dollars (even after laying off employees), resulting in sustained pressure from investors. A group...

Homeworld 3's Weird Crowd-Funding Scheme Has Been Cancelled

It was very exciting to hear back in 2019 that Homeworld 3 was in development. The news was tempered a little at the time, though, by a very strange crowd-funding scheme that was attached to the project, despite the fact the game was being bankrolled by Gearbox, a major publisher.Read more

Nintendo Is Opening A Museum In Japan

Nintendo just announced plans to take one of its old production facilities in Japan and turn it into the “Nintendo Gallery”, a place to “showcase the many products Nintendo has launched over its history”.Read more

Let's Check In On Star Citizen, Shall We

Star Citizen is currently free-to-play as the game enjoys its annual Invictus Launch Week celebration. I figured now would be as good a time as ever to take a peek at the ambitious space sim and see how things are going.Read more

Richard Branson Found to Be Crypto Scammers’ Favorite Brit Celebrity

Famed entrepreneur Richard Branson is often featured in fake articles sent out by various investment schemes, many of which are related to cryptocurrency, U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) revealed in a report. The agency, which has blocked over 285,000 such campaigns in only nine...

GamesCom Wises Up, Goes Fully Digital

GamesCom 2021 will be a fully digital event this year, GamesCom officials announced in a press release today. The move is a reversal of earlier plans for a semi-live event, inadvisable given the, y’know, roiling pandemic that’s still an ever-present aspect of everyday life.Read more

Tokyo Is Getting An Esports Gym

This month, an establishment calling itself “Esports Gym” will open in Tokyo. It claims to be the first in the country.Read more

Ten Useful Image and Video Transformations

Learn how to transform images and videos for 10 popular use cases, such as image thumbnails and placeholders; as well as video transitions and previews. The post Ten Useful Image and Video Transformations appeared first on Codrops

5 Ways to Get More Bookings from Your WordPress Website

Want to empower your website visitors to schedule their own appointments or secure their spot at your next event? Use the Amelia WordPress plugin to get more bookings today. The post 5 Ways to Get More Bookings from Your WordPress Website appeared first on Codrops

Dude Trains Like One-Punch Man During The Pandemic, Gets Buff

Back in 2019, in the before times, Kotaku reported that an investor named Sean trained like One-Punch Man for thirty days and got in terrific shape. Now, in 2021, another dude has trained like the character for a whole year. Read more

The Olympics Gets A Virtual Sports Tie-In Event

It’s not quite esports in the Olympics, but the International Olympics Committee (IOC) will host a virtual sports event May 13 to June 23, tied to the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.Read more

Playing Pandemic Legacy In 2021 Was Not The Best Time

As life in Australia slowly settles back into something resembling normality—at least for now—after everything that happened in 2020, my board game crew have been finding our feet again and getting back into regular sessions. First up for 2021 was a long-overdue run through Pandemic Legacy: Season...

9 Awesome Multipurpose WordPress Themes To Use in Your Projects

Finding the right multipurpose WordPress theme that best suits your needs is not an easy task. Here are 9 high-quality themes to get you started. The post 9 Awesome Multipurpose WordPress Themes To Use in Your Projects appeared first on Codrops

Path Of Exile Let Streamers Bypass Long Server Wait Times

During the launch of its new expansion Ultimatum, Path of Exile’s servers were having some problems over the weekend, leaving players with wait times to get in that sometimes stretched into hours. Unless, that is, you were a streamer paid to broadcast the game, in which case you got straight...

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