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Blizzard Outlines Plans To Improve After 'Challenging' 2021

Blizzard’s 2021 was a year marked by lowlights, with the company beset by allegations of a toxic workplace and rocked by the departures (and firings) of several key personnel. Now, with a new year and likely new ownership as well, president Mike Ybarra has outlined Blizzard’s plan to “rebuild your...

9 Awesome WordPress Plugins to Use in 2022

A collection of high-quality and popular WordPress plugins that will ease the process of building a website. The post 9 Awesome WordPress Plugins to Use in 2022 appeared first on Codrops

Case Study: Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio

A practical case study of Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio where you'll get some insight on the process and some valuable tips. The post Case Study: Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio appeared first on Codrops

Japanese Firefighter Gets In Trouble For YouTube Gaming Side Hustle

These days, side hustles are more common than ever. But one firefighter in Wakayama, Japan is being punishing for his double life as a gaming YouTuber. According to Mainichi and AFP, the 33-year-old firefighter uploading 314 videos between December 2020 to October 2021. The fire-fighting YouTuber...

Tech Experts: Razer Lied About Its Fancy Zephyr Mask

So those Watch Dogs-esque, Cyberpunk 2077-lookin’ protective masks from computer manufacturer Razer don’t actually use N95-grade filters as previously promoted, according to updated marketing from the company.Read more

10 Best WordPress Themes to Use in 2022

A collection of top WordPress themes going into 2022 to help you find the perfect fit for your project. The post 10 Best WordPress Themes to Use in 2022 appeared first on Codrops

The Metaverse Is Already Here For Cows And It’s Very Sad

In Turkey, a rancher has begun putting virtual reality headsets on some of his cattle to see if the animals produce more milk when they believe they are outside in a nice, sunny field. Early results from the experiment are positive, but the actual sight of seeing a cow living in the metaverse so...

New PC Case With Automatic Air Vents Is Freaking Me Out

What if your gaming computer could breathe, opening its “mouths” wide to gulp in air when it got too hot, or shuttering its orifices to keep out dust and reduce noise? That’s the idea behind CyberPowerPC’s somewhat unsettling Kinetic series PC case.Read more

Riot Games Reaches $100 Million Settlement In Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Back in 2018, former Riot Games employees Melanie McCracken and Melanie McCracken and Jes Negrón filed a class action suit against the League of Legends publishe over endemic gender-based discrimination and fostering a “men-first” environment. A settlement has now been reached.Read more

Meme Stock GameStop Now Accepts Meme Cryptos Like Doge

In a year which began with memes helping to propel GameStop’s junk stock price into the stratosphere, it’s only fitting that the shrinking video game retailer should cap the frivolities off by cozying up to cryptocurrencies. Last week, GameStop apparently joined Flexa, a payment network that lets...

8 Design Tips to Make Your Blog or Shop Stand Out

Using the popular and number one rated Zeen theme as a reference, we'll show you eight modern ways to take your website to the next level. The post 8 Design Tips to Make Your Blog or Shop Stand Out appeared first on Codrops

Case Study: A Unique Website for Basement Grotesque

A look behind the scenes of the website built for Basement Grotesque, the open-source typeface of The post Case Study: A Unique Website for Basement Grotesque appeared first on Codrops

Ubisoft First Major Pub To Befoul Own Game With NFTs

Ubisoft just announced Ubisoft Quartz, an NFT initiative which allows people to buy artificially scarce digital items using cryptocurrency. This announcement represents the AAA-industry’s first real foray into NFTs, which a lot of people absolutely hate because they are a massive scam. Other major...

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