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Pokemon GO Update Is So Good Players Think It's An Accident

Pokémon GO recently released update 0.275.0, which apparently doubles the radius at which obtainable Pokémon spawn. Meanwhile, player frustration is building with Niantic’s historic lack of communication. These disgruntled players are so impressed with the update, they’re assuming it was deployed...

Pokémon GO Seems Set On Ruining Every Improvement From The Pandemic

Of all the many excellent changes Niantic made to Pokémon GO in the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic, remote raiding seemed to be the one that was most likely to survive long-term. So of course, every new move the developer makes seems to be threatening its future.Read more

Pokémon GO Is Down, Weep And Gnash Teeth

Like a poor young suckling puppy being torn from its mother, millions of Pokémon GO players are unable to log in, or take part, in their favourite mobile game. Reports are coming from all around the world that the game is down. POGO is no-go.Read more

Pokémon Go Fans Upset As Dev Undoes Another Great Change

Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs announced Wednesday that, from April on, the mobile game’s Community Days will revert to their pre-pandemic length of only three hours long. Following the recent enormous nerfing of in-game item Incense, players are not at all pleased at Niantic’s seeming refusal...

Harry Potter RPG 'Accidentally' Added Popular Hentai Porn Expression

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a card-based RPG for mobile devices and PC that’s only available in Eastern countries for now, is really popular in China. However, the game is currently attracting attention not for its incredibly successful launch, but for a hilariously unfortunate “bug” that’s...

Niantic Shutting Down Pokémon Go-Inspired Harry Potter Game

Just two years after it launched, Niantic is already giving up on its Harry Potter: Wizards Unite augmented reality experiment. What was supposed to be Pokémon Go for the popular fantasy series will instead become just a memory when the game goes offline forever on January 31, 2022.Read more

Pokemon Go's About To Make Egg Hatching Less Of A Pain

Niantic announced Wednesday that it’s planning to test a new raft of “minor gameplay adjustments” for Pokémon Go over the next few months. Among them, at long last, there are plans to improve the experience for new players starting the game today.Read more

Niantic Gets Surprisingly Frank About Their Failings With Pokémon Go

In June, Niantic announced they were intending to start reversing some of Pokémon Go’s measures put in place to make the game safer to play in the midst of a global pandemic. At the beginning of August, they stunned everyone by going through with it, reducing key distances from 80 meters to...

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