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Rafael Cordón: Safeguarding Elections With Bitcoin

Software engineer Rafael Cordón’s Simple Proof system helped prevent fraud in Guatemala’s most recent presidential election. Can this technology be used to insure against election interference in other jurisdictions?

Bitcoin in April: Halving Price Fallout, Network Peaks and ETF Updates

In April 2024, Bitcoin faced its sharpest price drop since the FTX collapse, with halving charts in focus, but network activity soared to record highs, driven by new protocols and ETF developments. This report explores and analyzes Bitcoin's ecosystem and the BTC price developments last month. The...

Hut 8’s Bitcoin Mining Output Drops 36% to 148 BTC in April

North American bitcoin miner, Hut 8, said it mined 148 bitcoins, or 36% coins less in April than it did in March. Hut 8 primarily attributes the decrease in the number of mined bitcoins to the relocation of its proprietary miners, which were previously hosted at the Kearney and Granbury sites....

US Coal Miner Uses Excess Power to Mine BTC; Earns 61 Coins in Q1 2024

Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP), a coal mining company in the U.S., recently disclosed its use of underutilized electricity loads for bitcoin mining. Cary Marshall, the company’s CFO, revealed that ARLP concluded the first quarter of 2024 with an approximate total of 425 bitcoins. Marshall...

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