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Yellen Pushes the Irish Finance Minister to Accept Crucial Tax Deal

Secretary Janet Yellen of the United States Treasury has been attempting to persuade the Finance Minister of Ireland, Paschal Donohoe, to join the worldwide deal related to tax rates. According to the United States Treasury, the tax deal offers countries a rare opportunity to prevent multinational...

Ripple is helping Bhutan pilot a CBDC

The company claimed its CBDC solution would allow Bhutan's central bank to deploy a digital ngultrum "without compromising financial stability or monetary policy objectives.”

YouTuber trades Tesla Roadster for NFT

“Looking back on this in one year, two year, three years from now it could be a monumentally dumb decision but it also could be a great decision,” said Dan Markham

Nendoroid And Figma Company Sued Over Mistreatment, Sexualized Toys

In 2020, popular figurine manufacturer Good Smile Company sued two former vice presidents, Guy Brand and James Young-sik Kim, for competing with its merchandise business while employed at GSC. In response, the former employees have filed a cross-complaint claiming that GSC actively profited from...

Report: Nearly Half Of Paradox Staff Experience "Mistreatment"

Swedish tech news site Breakit is reporting some grim news from within Swedish publisher Paradox. A leaked document, created by unions Unionen and Sveriges, suggests a discriminatory workplace at Paradox, where almost half of employees report they’ve experienced “abusive/incorrect treatment.”Read...

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