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US Convenience Store Chain Sheetz to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payments

The American chain of convenience stores and coffee shops, Sheetz, announced on Thursday that the firm would be accepting digital currencies like bitcoin, ether, and dogecoin for payments. The major Mid-Atlantic chain’s executive payments manager says accepting crypto-asset acceptance...

Lady Dimitrescu vs The Humble Coffee Table

She’s as big as a truck and can kick your ass if she gets anywhere near you, but Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu’s relentless pursuit can be rendered powerless by a single artefact: table.Read more

Hell Yeah, A Coffee Shop Tycoon Game

I am an absolute sucker for specialist tycoon games, whether you’re running a football team, game studio, bus company or emergency service. So my next indulgence may well be Espresso Tycoon, a game about building some coffee shops.Read more

Let us praise the humble glory of Swedish egg coffee

The aisles of the Minnesota State Fair are host to a teeming game of lard-coated one-upmanship. On the left, hot dogs wrapped in funnel cake batter. Across the way, baked potatoes cocooned in mozzarella cheese, served on a stick. But it wasn’t always this way.Read more

“I am wooooounded”: A jaunty stroll through the official Frasier cookbook

As a low-attention-span indoor kid, I had two great loves growing up. The first was American football—the Bears specifically, even though they sucked. In fact, despite my regular-degular height and Doug-Jones-in-Hellboy physique, I figured that one day I’d become a professional football player....

How is Blockchain Changing the Coffee Industry?

In the hot beverage industry, coffee deserves a special mention owing to its large market size and business potential. Sample the statistic – on average, coffee takers consume in excess to half-trillion cups per year. The number is mind-boggling and signifies the importance of this industry...

CBD Coffee Company Leverages Censorship-Resistant Nature of Crypto

On December 8, the U.S.-based coffee firm that uses cannabidiol (CBD) in its product, Crazy Calm, launched a promotion that aims to send $5 per order to the charity EatBCH. The founder of Crazy Calm, Matt Aaron, also detailed that the startup wanted to leverage the payment processor Shopify but...

GrainChain Uses Blockchain Technology to Accelerate Honduras Coffee Industry

Keiretsu agricultural startup GrainChain, supported by Medici Ventures, has signed agreements with stakeholders of the coffee supply chain of Honduras to accelerate the coffee business on its blockchain-powered platform. The platform will furnish a platform to facilitate the coffee traders with...

Café Coffee Day Founder VG Siddhartha Goes Missing

In a shocking turn of events, the founder of India’s biggest coffee chain Café Coffee Day, VG Siddhartha, has gone missing since yesterday (29th July) evening from Mangaluru. Siddhartha holds the position as the Managing Director and Chairman in the coffee chain, which is popular across the nation...

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