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Chinese Embassy Advises Citizens in Angola to Avoid Crypto Mining

The Chinese Embassy in Angola has cautioned its citizens residing in the African nation to refrain from mining cryptocurrencies, as this activity is now considered a criminal offense. The embassy has also urged its citizens to be vigilant of virtual currency schemes that exploit users’ aspirations...

Russia to Clarify Cryptocurrency Mining Gray Areas, Including Payments

Anton Siluanov, the finance minister of Russia, is prepared to discuss the gray areas surrounding cryptocurrency mining and the use of its proceeding for payments. In a recent lecture, Siluanov stated that the government needed to agree “on what can be done with cryptocurrency,”...

Paraguay to Strengthen Measures to Fight Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining

The Government of Paraguay will strengthen the measures directed to combat the illegal cryptocurrency mining operations in the country. In a recent meeting, ANDE, the National Power Administration, the Supreme Court, and the Department of Justice, agreed to deal with these crimes swiftly given...

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