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Croatian E-bike Company Greyp Bikes Integrates Cryptocurrency Payments

Greyp Bikes, a company founded by Croatian innovator and entrepreneur Mate Rimac, has integrated crypto payments into its online billing system. All of its high-tech cycling products can now be purchased using nine different coins thanks to a partnership with payment processor Paycek. Greyp Bikes...

The BBC Still Doesn't Know What Gundam is

Last week, a BBC commentator struggled mightily to try and explain what the big robot was that triathletes kept cycling past during the Olympics. Now the broadcaster’s social media team is running into the same problem.Read more

Cyclists Are Now Cheating In Video Games As Well As Real Life

Cycling is a sport that is riddled with lycra-clad cheats. It has been since the very beginning, and remains so to this day. So much so that even while stuck inside and competing in their sport virtually, cyclists are still cheating.Read more

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