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Suicide Squad Devs Lay Out Battle Pass, Endgame Plans And They Sound…Good?

Rocksteady developers behind the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League—a DC villain-themed open-world co-op looter shooter—revealed some new details and thoughts behind the game’s battle pass, seasons, and endgame content. And while it’s still a live-service game that will likely have...

Here's Why Palworld Limits Multiplayer Numbers On Xbox

Palworld, Pocketpair’s “Pokémon With Guns” survival game, is popping off after entering Early Access today, January 19. Shortly after launch, it boasted 300,000 concurrent players on Steam, but for those playing the game through Xbox Game Pass on PC or console, there are some limitations to...

Overwatch 2’s Latest Patch Is Nerfing The Support Heroes

Overwatch 2’s latest balance patch ahead of the upcoming Le Sserafim collaboration event is hitting Support heroes hard. Blizzard said this was its plan in a developer update earlier this month, but looking at the actual patch notes, it definitely looks like medics are feeling the latest nerfs...

Discord Announces Forced Name Changes, Pisses Everyone Off

Discord is a pretty good product. It’s an easy way to communicate with friends, find realtime communities around topics of mutual interest, and crucial for making use of voice chat across most online multiplayer games. And now Discord’s decided to muck it all up by forcing everyone to switch to...

Stop. Closing. Forums. For. Discords.

As technology advances, and online communities shift to adapt, we take it as a kind of default proposition that new sites and platforms should be better than old ones. Reality, of course, has different plans.Read more

The Big Discord Military Secrets Leaker Was, Surprise, A Racist

Last week, a ton of military documents leaked onto popular social media platforms. It originated from a smaller Discord server, and was eventually reposted in a Minecraft community. New details just came out about the original leaker and he’s not exactly a swell guy.Read more

Russian Agents Are Trying To 'Penetrate' Gaming Communities

In a chat on stage at at Semafor’s World Economy Summit, Microsoft President Brad Smith has said the company is currently dealing with attempts by various types of Russian agents to “penetrate” online gaming communities, with particular emphasis on those associated with Minecraft.Read more

Nintendo Demands Discord Reveal The Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Leaker

A massive The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom artbook leaked in February, and Nintendo hasn’t forgotten. The Switch maker is currently trying to subpoena Discord, where images from the artbook first started making the rounds, to force the social media platform to disclose the identity of...

Report: U.S. Military Documents Leaked To Minecraft Discord Server

This weekend, the U.S. military was faced with a massive document leak that could have a significant impact on the war in Ukraine, and officials say that it’s one of the “most damaging in decades.” The leaks originated from a small Discord server, and then spread to a popular Minecraft one.Read more

PC Game Pulled From Steam For Apparent Theft Gets Even Messier

Following a police raid of its offices and a delisting from Steam, Ironmace, developer of the upcoming MMO Dark and Darker, is once again at the center of confusion and chaos. This time, miscommunication and a false launch of a now-pulled GoFundMe campaign continue to make the whole ordeal a...

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