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Doom Fans Go Too Far, Port The Shooter To A Sex Toy

Hello readers, I bring forth yet another Doom port. This time someone has ported the classic and beloved shooter—famously playable on nearly every device—to an electronic fleshlight (a sex toy molded after a body part that you can stick your bits in). And if you kill a demon, well, you get a little...

Someone Got Doom Running Inside Fortnite

An Unreal Engine developer was able to get the classic FPS Doom running inside Fortnite, adding yet another entry to the ever-growing list of “Things That Can Run Doom.” Read more

Kotaku’s Weekend Guide: Six Amazing Games We Refuse To Stop Playing

It is now officially summer. Yesterday, the solstice (Litha, as it’s known to some) brought us our longest day of the calendar year, and now we march on to ever darkening days. But right now, we’re just marching on into the weekend to spend that time off in some delightful digital realms. Read more

New FPS Built Using Doom Tech Is Better Than Most AAA Shooters

Things aren’t looking good for me. I’m a few levels into Selaco, a new FPS out now on Steam, and I’m stuck behind a bar as a group of sci-fi soldiers unload their rifles and shotguns into my hiding spot. I’m also low on health. So yeah, a bad spot to be in. I take a deep breath and...

Report: New 'Medieval-Inspired' Doom Game Will Be Announced Next Month

According to a new report, it seems like the next big Doom game from Id Software and Bethesda will be announced soon. But it sounds like this next entry in the popular FPS franchise won’t be a traditional sequel, but instead, possibly a prequel showing the origins of the series’ main character,...

Doom 2's Oldest Speedrun Record Finally Beaten After 26 Years

The opening level of Doom 2 is very short. Without any practice, most players can easily finish it in less than a minute. But back in 1998, one skilled speedrunner completed the small level in five seconds. And finally, after nearly three decades of people suggesting it was impossible to beat...

Here's What The Original Doom Would Look Like Riddled With Microtransactions

The original Doom, released in 1993, is a damn fine video game. But what if every time you picked up an item you had to pay a small fee to keep playing? That seems like a terrible way to experience this classic shooter. But someone went and made that version of Doom, just in case you were morbidly...

One Of 2023’s Best Shooters Is Now On Game Pass

Another day, another batch of new and old games are coming to Xbox’s popular Game Pass subscription service. This time around, Xbox is bringing one of 2023’s best shooters to the Game Pass library as well as a great remake, a fantastic Remedy-developed adventure, a new baseball game, and more. Read...

Doom Is Now Playable On A $2,000+ Lawnmower Because Why Not

Once again it’s time to open up the massive and ancient tome titled “Things You Can Play Doom On” and update it. Now, thanks to the magic of the future, you can play id’s classic ‘90s FPS on a robo-lawnmower, just as John Carmack intended…probably.Read more

Someone's Playing Doom On Sound Waves

Welcome to another installment of “What Weird Thing Has Someone Ported Doom To This Week?” This time, it’s a user on Reddit who has translated the game into an audio signal that can be displayed by a spectrogram.Read more

One Of The Best Sonic Games Is About To Get Even Better

2011's Sonic Generations is widely considered to be one of the best 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games. It’s a “greatest hits” game in which Sonic meets his younger self and they both go through some of the highlights of different games. But now, that game is about to get infinitely better, because...

Doom Kinda Runs On Human Bacteria Now, If You’ve Got 599 Years

The determination to run 1993’s seminal shooter Doom on absolutely everything is one of humanity’s finest features. From tractors to pregnancy tests, if the technology exists, someone’s trying to install Doom on it. And you know what else is technically technology? Living organisms. Yes,...

30 Years Ago, A Gory Gaming Triumph Changed Pop Culture Forever

There’s a certain rarified echelon of video games that have birthed entire genres based on their innovation, and their fingerprints can still be spotted all over many games today. Super Mario Bros. defined the concept of a side-scrolling platformer, DOTA made the MOBA mainstream, and Doom is...

New Deal Offers 8 Great Shooters For Just $10

A new deal letting you create your own bundle of shooters, with options that include new classics like Dusk or older hits like Doom, is the best way to instantly fill your Steam library with some of the best FPS games ever made for just $10 or less.Read more

Indiana Jones, TLOU 2, And The Week's Hottest Gaming Takes

After a couple sleepy weeks, the gaming hype train of 2024 is finally moving at full steam. We saw the first major showcase of the year with Xbox’s Developer Direct, dug into The Last of Us Part II Remastered, and oogled MachineGames flamin’ hot digital dupe of ‘80s Harrison Ford. These are...

The Best Shooters Of 2023

2023 was yet another solid year for fans of shooty-shooty-bang-bang video games. While the Golden Era of shooters might be slowing down as the year wraps up, we still got some dang good ones, both in first-person and third-person variants, over these past 12 months. Read more

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