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Let's Rank All The Doom Games, From Worst To Best

1993’s Doom is one of the most important, popular, and influential games ever made, and it spawned a whole franchise of (mostly) great shooters. To put it another way: Doom is very good. But even the best franchises have high points and low points.Read more

Amid Evil Is A Good Shooter That Doesn't Need Guns

Amid Evil is a wild, weird, and wonderful retro-inspired FPS that ditches the traditional shooter arsenal of pistols and SMGs in favor of more exotic weapons. Like a magic staff that shoots planets or a sword that flings waves of energy. Read more

I Finally Played Quake 4 Last Week And Have Already Forgotten Most Of It

Quake 4 has essentially been forgotten in 2021, and most folks are fine with that. Even id itself seems willing to let it rot away in some forgotten morgue, with the official Quake collection on Steam omitting Quake 4 entirely. But I was curious. Was Quake 4 really that bad? And if so, what went...

Only After I Embraced My Doom Did Abadox Reveal Its Charms

I’ve been playing a lotta Nintendo Entertainment System lately, partially to make sure RetroArch’s workin’ fine on this new PC, and also just because I’m jonesin’ for some simple, classic fun. Natsume’s 1989 shooter Abadox was one of the first new-old games that came to mind, so I took it for...

While Xbox Game Pass Gets Better, PS Now Gets...Avengers

Outriders came out last week on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It also immediately came to Microsoft’s Game Pass, adding yet another big new game to the subscription service’s already-impressive library. Meanwhile, PS Now users can get excited to play last year’s mediocre Avengers...

Doom 3 Is Better In VR

Most folks don’t love Doom 3, often citing how much slower the game feels compared to old Doom titles. But that slower speed plus its focus on creating a dark, scary atmosphere means that nearly 17 years after its release, Doom 3 ends up being a great VR game. It might even be a better game in...

Dusk Makes My Head Bang And My Knees Shake

Welcome to Morning Music, Kotaku’s ongoing hangout for folks who love video games and the cool-ass sounds they make. Today we’re going old school and grooving to the creepy, heavy soundscapes of modern retro-shooter Dusk.Read more

Every Big Game Coming Out In Spring 2021

Spring is here! The birds are singing, flowers blooming, and uh, it rains more. What a season! Sadly, covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere. So depending on where you live you might still be stuck inside. Well, at least you’ll have games like Monster Hunter Rise, Outriders, and Mass Effect Legendary...

'Shop Contest: Bethesda+Microsoft

It’s official. Microsoft has completed its purchase of Bethesda. They had a whole roundtable discussion about it and everything. (More importantly, it was officially approved by regulators.) Let’s have some fun with these two companies now stapled together like some hideous mega-beast. Read more

So, Which Bethesda Game Pass Game Should You Play First?

Starting today, you can play a bunch of Bethesda-published games on Game Pass, thanks to Microsoft and ZeniMax’s recent marriage. Some were previously available. Many are new. However you slice it, if you’re a member of Microsoft’s games-on-demand service, you now have 20 largely excellent games...

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