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Stablecoin Market Climbs $2.81B in a Week, Nearing $160B Valuation

Over the past seven days, the stablecoin sector has expanded by $2.81 billion, bringing the dollar-pegged cryptocurrency market close to a total valuation of $160 billion. A significant portion of this growth, exceeding $2 billion, is attributed to the increase in USDT’s market...

Stablecoin Market Expands by $4.46 Billion in 12 Days

In the last 12 days of April, the stablecoin sector expanded by $4.46 billion, reaching a current valuation of $155.86 billion. Additionally, the top five dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies experienced an increase in their supplies over the last 30 days. Top Dollar-Pegged Cryptos See Growth Amid...

Stablecoin Market Swells With Growth in March, Led by Ethena’s USDE

This month we have witnessed a continuous expansion in the stablecoin domain, eclipsing the $150 billion mark on March 20, 2024, with an infusion of an additional $1.4 billion into the arena since then. Leading the pack in supply growth for March was Ethena’s USDE, soaring by 194.9% over...

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