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Kickass Cyberpunk 2077 Modders Become CD Projekt Red Devs

If you know anything about Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world romp about committing crimes with neo-John Wick, you know that it launched in rough shape. Much of the game’s eight-month lifespan has been defined more by patches and updates than anything else. But this news might help: The developer,...

It's 2021 And Bethesda Has Announced Another Skyrim Port

Bethesda announced today that its nearly decade-old open-world RPG hit, Skyrim, is once again being ported to consoles both old and new. This time the publisher is sprucing it up with fan-created content. It’s called Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and it’s coming out on November 11, 2021 for PS5,...

It's Like Classic Fallout RPGs, But There's A Puke Button

Death Trash’s whole vibe is summed up early in its beginning area, where the tutorial messages ask you to puke. Before you earn more flashy powers like lightning bolts and poisonous blood, the game’s dedicated ability button (‘F’ by default, in case you were wondering) is just for making your...

Fallout 76 Armor Lets You Become A Dolphin-Human Hybrid

Fallout 76’s newest season offers the usual rewards, including new player cards, extra atoms, and weapon skins. But for players willing to grind (or with money to burn), you can unlock something a bit more nautical: Dolphin power armor. Read more

Fallout: New Vegas Mod Wants To Be A Star Wars Game

Here’s Star Wars: Open Worlds, a modding project currently being worked on that hopes to transform 2010's Fallout: New Vegas into a big Star Wars adventure spanning multiple planets.Read more

Hearts Of Iron IV: The Kotaku Re-Review

In 2016, Paradox released the grand strategy Second World War game Hearts Of Iron IV. I have spent huge parts of the last five years playing this game, through updates and expansions, and I think in 2021 it’s as important, and even better, than it was at launch.Read more

Bethesda Stops 'Selling' Sad and Unfinished Fallout 76 Emote A Month Later

For the past month or so, Fallout 76 players have been scratching their heads over “romancandlecelebration,” an icon-free emote in the Atomic Shop that one might think would shoot some sort of celebratory fireworks into the sky but does not. Today’s Steel Reign update ended any lingering confusion...

River, The Real-Life Dog Behind Fallout 4's Dogmeat, Has Passed

Earlier today, former Fallout developer Joel Burgess shared the sad news that the real-life inspiration behind Fallout 4's canine companion Dogmeat had died. In a thread on Twitter Burgess shared how much of an impact River had on the team working on Fallout 4 and the Dogmeat character. Read...

Fallout 76 Player Becomes A Jacuzzi Serial Killer In-Game

Imagine this. You’re out in the wasteland and you come across a cobblestone house. “Fancy,” you might say. In Fallout 76, grime and industrial aesthetics permeate everything, so stumbling on a clean, well-lit house with modern design is out of the ordinary. Curiosity brings you through the wooden...

The Outer Worlds 2 revealed by Obsidian at E3 2021

Will we ever get a Fallout: New Vegas 2? Who knows, and maybe it’s time to stop asking, because at E3 2021, Obsidian Entertainment has made it clear that The Outer Worlds is now a franchise of its own. The Outer Worlds 2, the follow-up to the acclaimed sci-fi RPG, will let us continue its absurd...

10 New Xbox Game Pass Titles Shown At E3 2021

As part of its E3 press conference with Bethesda, Xbox revealed a host of new games coming to Game Pass, including Sega’s gangster thriller Yakuza: Like A Dragon, available right now. Read more

Fallout 76's Battle Royale Mode Is Going Away

The video game industry may not be pivoting away from battle royale just yet, but a few major publishers are reconsidering the genre’s reputation as an easy cash cow. The latest? Bethesda, who’s decided that it doesn’t really make sense to have battle royale in Fallout 76 anymore.Read more

Fallout 76 Was Right, It Was Time To Stop Playing

Bored and without a large, engrossing game to play until Disco Elysium: The Final Cut drops later this month, I did the unthinkable: I downloaded Fallout 76 onto my PlayStation 5. I was almost immediately met by a game-breaking bug that, while easily rectified with a reboot, felt like a sign that...

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